Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review: Tickled Pink by Savvy (by DB)

I'm so very confused. Not in a million years did i think this polish was going to be any good. It was $2.99 at Priceline from a bin. I got it because of the fuck-off-bright-pink. I was expecting it to be really bad. Horrendously bad. So bad that i could happily berate it for being cheap, and crap, and not to bother.

I will now have to swallow those thoughts because it's the exact opposite of all of that. It's wonderful and beautiful and smooth like butter. It's better then any nail polish i have used ever. It's better then my well loved OPI's or China Glaze. I don't get it, i really don't.

(I picked this up in my about 2 weeks ago: see My First Haul Post! )

This post may be a bit picture heavy but that's just because i couldn't believe how well it did.

I wasn't expecting much, I've heard quite bad things about neon polishes. It is a bit sheer, this is 3 thin coats, but two thicker coats would work just as well. It dries quite matte but i used a top coat over it and it had no chipping for 4 days.  

(Then i wanted to try something new but certainly going back to this in warmer weather, or maybe now i have pink hair i can just pull of it normally?)

FYI it's made in China and without a website or anything I'm going to have to assume it's not 3 free, so beware that it might be chemical heavy. On the other side though it didn't smell very "nailpolish-y" so can't say for sure.

I have nothing bad to say about this. I've still seen it around since i got it; go get it! It's just amazing. I can't stop saying that because it is really and truly epic. 

On a slightly diffrent note, I'm not sure what to think of this brand. It doesn't seem to be mentioned on their website at all. Not to mention that in general DB is quite an average brand, their packaging isn't fantastic but they do solid if not amazing products. I have a nice peachy blush from them, an illuminator which works quite well and even a base nail coat.

Nothing amazing but good for the price and if you don;t care too much about make up a perfectly reasonable brand to choose. So where does this "Savvy by DB" come into it? Is this some kind of secret weapon they wield against those who nay-say their brand? 

Anyone else tried this line of polishes or tried the Savvy brand?


  1. Thanks for the review. I just purchased a bunch of Savvy glitter polishes the other day because they looked like dead on dupes for the Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes I was eyeing off. I got three of the Savvy polishes for the price of one SHGC polish. Up until about two weeks ago I had never seen of heard of Savvy before.

    1. Yeah i still don't know what's exactly going on with this brand, it appears out of the mists and seems to disappear just as fast. Looking in a few pricelines yesterday the stand was picked bare. Hope they work well for you, mine certainly did!