Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: PF Flawless Complexion Kit

Physicians Formula Flawless Complexion Kit

This pack was my first  Physicians Formula purchase, I've been itching to try something from them ever since the pretty new re branded shelves appeared in Priceline about a month ago. Which to be honest is a little confusing since these items, with this branding seem to have been available in America and the Easter states a good deal longer. But can't miss what you never had and it's here now so all is well with the world.

What i reallllly want from this brand is their happy lover heart covered blush and eyeliners sets. Part of me also wants their lace covered nude/neutral pallet (supposedly a low end dupe of the Naked pallet) but other people's reviews have convinced me to steer clear of this sadly un-pigmented (is that a word?) piece. Although the lace is difficult to resist.

Anyhow, although those are this things i wanted, what i actually NEEDED was new face powder as my previous one (PUPA) is no longer available seemingly anywhere. Any ideas where they went?

So for $27.95 ( Physicians Formula was at 20% off) i purchased the Flawless Complexion Kit in Light.

It seems a pretty good deal to me, usually a powder or blush by itself would be around $20 and here are both plus a Mineral Veil (???) Not sure what that one's about. It doesn't come with nay instructions just what you see in a plastic holder.

I've been using these for my everyday makeup the past few days and I'm so far very happy with it, after purchasing it (not before) i looked up my own reviews about it and freaked myself out when i found a few were quite terrible and was scared id purchased Cthullu in make up form. But i decided to go ahead and try it form myself, because....well i really wanted something from  Physician's Formula.

So how did i find it? Pretty fantastic, I'm generally not a fan of Mineral make-up, it has a certain smell that's almost metallic and i find a bit unpleasant. This also has that, but it's not super strong and i don't notice it once it's on my face, actually only the Mineral Veil seems to have this smell and its actually noticeable

So let's look at the individual pieces; 

(Check out the Old Spice shower gel that belongs to the boyfriend in the mirror)

The blush is "Rose Glow" and is a fairly dark slightly plum colored pink and it opens up to a little mirrored compartment holding a small fan brush (which you can see i haven't touched as it's quite pointless and id much rather use a regular blush brush. 

                                                      Very Bright! ( only one swipe)

The color is quite a bit darker then i expected and it takes a light hand to apply it without looking too much like a clown face, took a few tries to get right but with a little practice it comes out quite nice. But seriously be careful, it is very pigmented and quite matte. There is no shimmer in this blush and so its quite suitable for winter/autumn as we have here right now. When using a large blush, as with most mineral make up i have encountered there is quite a lot of fallout.

The powder is simply listed as Translucent no much to talk about in  terms of color, it is very lightweight and feels smooth. I was afraid after other reviewers mentioned it, but i did not experience the chalky finish that some did. For me, it was a the kit mentioned "flawless". 

The powder opens up just like the blush but is a fair bit heavier and won't just sit there (hence the need for me to prop it open for this picture), and like the blush includes a little mirror. This is pretty cool, and who doesn't love secret compartments but i honestly don't see it being that useful. 

This included brush is missing it's clear case as i though i should at least give it a go, and as suspected it was quite terrible. A fan brush is not useful for distributing powder anymore then blush and because the powder bunches up into a line if your not careful with blending you might be left with a sold cake line of powder if you try to use this. Overall very happy but the compartment is a little useless unless you want to keep tic tacs in there....hmmm

And last and kind of least the Mineral Veil;

Not too sure how this is different from face powder but my research indicates it's to be used after you have both the powder and blush on to even things out (not sure if that's what you want especially if your adding a bronzer for contouring) 

Im not as thrilled with this product as the rest, it certainly seems to do something, as i can smell the mineral poweder coming out. (it takes a few moments of shaking it while holding it face down to get the powder to come through). So something id definitely happening, just not sure what for? The idea i think it to helps to smooths out my complexion a bit more and eliminates some shine which is why i assume that a mirror is also included in the top case.
See, mirror.

I guess in terms controlling shine it might be more useful in the handbag then on your makeup stand. Also if you do purchase this kit be careful of the brush on this thing. It's not awesome, it spiky and prickly and doesnt feel great but it's not going to be in contact with your skin for more then a few seconds of touch up. What's more concerning is that if your in a hurry or moving on to the next part in your makeup rutine you might be a little haphazard with the lid and cause this to happen:

I've done this about 4 times now, and the bristles on the edges aren't looking happy.

So overall? Love the blush and powder, okay with the veil not happy with the Veil applicator.


  1. The best low end dupe of the Naked Palette I've found in Australia is the Australis Nudist Palette, at a meagre $10.
    Annnd if you can get a hold of it, on cherry couture maybe or crush cosmetics, the Nyx Butt Naked Palette is brills! has blush and high lighters and all that good stuff.

    1. Hmm don't think i have actually seen the Australis one, i will go investigate this. Thank you!