Tuesday, 3 July 2012

July Want

Considering other things i want to try over the next few weeks or things I'm obsessively googe-ing on the interblobs. I though i would share/organize my thoughts as to the specifics.

  1. New Blush Brush - preferably angled one. Mine is a leftover from the days before i liked the pretty makeup-y things. Now that  have a few nicer brushes i can see what a disaster mine is. It hurts, it's prickly and doesn't pick up color very well or make it easy to blend. It needs to go.
  2. Intertubes! from Shiro Cosmetics. I saw these on Don't They Know Who I Am and have been telling everyone who will listen (many who don't care) that Nyan Cat and Rickrolled are lipbalms/lipgloss! So much Want. The one's I'm particularly eyeing are Rickrolled, Over 9000, Three-Wolf-Moon, and Yo-Dawg. Maybe a few eyeshadow samples if im brave.
  3. Honey Tree Bubbling Scrub from Haus of Gloi. I also blame Don't They Know Who I Am for this. but now the want is there and this is the one i have my eye on, the other im considering is Satyr.

    Here's what they say about this perticular frgrance "Quite rich! Right from the bee hive - honey amplified by seductive essence of resinous vanilla, darkened by a passing waft of mild rare wood smoke." Honey & Vanilla? I am there.

    The other, Satyr is listed as "Absolutely fiendish creature! And quite frolicsome: Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla." A bit more for the boyfriend then me but it's hard to say no to blood orange no matter in what shape is decided to appear.

  4. Black Magic Soap Have seen this one often on numerous blogs and im thinking it might be time to give it a try myself. It sounds lovley and full of good face things. Plus, pretty pattern!

  5. 50's Girls Reloaded Collection Coming way late to Australia, (July 2011 in America) there are a couple of items here pulling at my heart strings; the two lipsticks; not to fussed on the dark red but since there are only two and they look so darn cute i might as well. I believe they go by the names 01 back to the 50’s and 02 i’m sailing. Also the red and gray/blue nail polish seem interesting but i might already have those colors so gotta see those ones in person. Then maybe if I;m very brave the 03 come on board captain eyeshadow set. Eyeshadows are new territory for me.
  6. Season of Extremes Collection. This one is actually relatively on time here, originally released in March 2012 (outside Australia) the nail polishes here are calling to many, some of the pastels, some of the brights, even the duo colors (though I'm not sure how i will house those, they wont fit in my nail polish box). Being a cheap cheap brand Essence is the only company I'm willing to splurge a little on.

On  a less beauty oriented note:

I want to try this, i'm told it's like fire emblem and ff tactics and it has pokemans.

Wish me Luck :)



    And I'm also jonesing for the Essence lipsticks, they are such ridiculously cheap awesomeness!

    1. I know, just too pretty! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, i was so excited to see your comment :) You totallymade my day.

  2. I love Essence, its a brilliant brand, and soooo cheap! Also, Furless brushes are pretty goodly and cheap also, synthetic wonderfulness if you're starting to collect brushes, also an Australian company...whats not to love!

    1. Oh! Thanks for the tip. I picked up some ecobrushes just recently but i will definitely look into this! Thank you so much for checking out the blog!