Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo, 24 Hour Eyeshadow

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo, 24 Hour Eyeshadow is a big ol' mouthful to say and write, is it just me or are makeup names getting really long lately, i liked Revlon lip butters, that was nice and easy to say and remember.

So I'm sure everyone has seen these around, and i caved in as well. At the moment I've picked up two of the shades; Tenacious Teal and Pomegranate Punk ,and there's two more that I'm considering.

In all honesty i probably should not have gotten Tenacious Teal, it's not a color i can really see myself wearing too much.  But to be honest this morning i didn't really see myself  ending the day with bright pink hair so maybe I'll come around to it?

(Yes this actually happened, the look on my boyfriends face was priceless)

Audacious Asphalt what?
Pomegranate Punk:
I don't know why my Pomegranate Punk says Audacious Asphalt?  Pomegranate Punk was the color i wanted and got, but i guess someone must have been a big naughty at Priceline and switched the lids around? Or they were testing the colors and got confused? (Why? There are testers!) Mystery for the ages i guess.

I love  Pomegranate Punk to death and have worn it everyday since purchase, it's a gorgeous plum/red color that's totally build-able and thus totally safe but you can get it quite dark. It's very soft and has very fine silvery glitter through it so it does go on quite shimmery.

Tenacious Teal :
It is after all a really gorgeous color, this color is what lured (unwillingly at first) to this collection, it was just so bright and happy and unlike anything that had ever been on my eyelids before. I've stayed in a very safe comfort zone in nice safe neutral tones. But this color was a whole new world for me. Like a crazy colorful Disney movie kind of new world.

Now to be perfectly straight with you, i doubt I would have even considered cream eyeshadow if it had not been for Essence Backstage Ballerina collection priming me up with their Eye Soufflé, which prior to Pomegranate Punk was my go to eyeshadow in the last two months. (since i found it hiding in a bargain bin at target).

The one i purchased was "Pas de Copper" and was so incredibly soft it felt like i was applying feathers to my eyelids. It's a cool toned bronze color and since i have this i probably wont get the Bronze eye tattoo color(which would have been a must otherwise). But i thought i would show you how it compares to the eye tattoos.

Essence: Pas de Copper
 The 24 hour claim by Maybelline is kind of rubbish, but i doubt many people fall for that claim anyway, and i don't know many people who wear their eyeshadow for such an extended period of time anyhow.

So no, they don't last 24 hours, no one really believed that they would, they last 4-6 applied to bare lids, and can last up to 8 with primer. So they are certainly quite tough, just not supernatural 24 hour kind of tough.

The little essence is not quite as hulk-like, it last maybe half that time on both counts. It does fade a little nicer though, just kind of disappears and leaves a faint trace of color unlike the eye tats which seem to leave patches on the eye as bits of shimmer fall away.

(FYI this may not be the case with the orange and taupe as they have a satin finish not shimmer)

The essence is a good deal softer to put on (seriously cloud soft) where the eye tats can be a bit rough if you don't warm them up a little bit, this slight grunge is apparent in the swatch below:

As you can see the two on the right leave a bit of texture on the skin where as the essence goes on much smoother.

Both brush and finger seem to work well for these cream eye-shadows and I haven't had any creasing from either set of products. Overall i think the eye tats are a better investment if you know that you like cream eyeshadow otherwise maybe try something like the essence cream to get an idea.

P.s. This shade of essence was from a limited collection but they have a permanent set of cream eye-shadows that would probably be quite similar. (I'm looking forward to testing these myself in the future)

Question: I mentioned earlier there was 2 more tones i was considering; Too Cool (a white) to use as a corner highlight and base, and Tough as Taupe. If you guys have any of these my question is does the white stand out enough or does it kind of blend away? Question 2, the Taupe when i tried it kind of looked like a bruise on my hand and not very appealing, does this color warm up or does it remain that purely grayish sort of color it is in the tube?


  1. I believe the Labeling to be a fuck up on Maybelline's behalf because mine said the same, and I'm NO WHERE near you, also, here, they tattoo colours and sealed with big fuck off plastic wrap, I really wanted to keep mine sealed, because I am lame and I like wrong label type things, BUT it wouldn't scan, so when the girly in priceline asked if she could take the seal off to scan it, I didn't want to admit said lameness, so I let her... :(

    To answer your questions... I have the whole collection, plus a few more for my kit, the white is a fantastimalogical (what? its a word) base, and would be superb for a a corner highlighting coloul, the taupe, I'm stil not sure about, so I teamed it with the orange and made a kick ass orange smokey eye, which was completely (or should have been) inappropriate for work, but then I don't care, no one cares, my boss lets me have blue hair!
    Anyway, I haven't done a swatch on my collection, but I can and I can wack it on my lids and take photots at random intervals, I like to call it science?

  2. Ah that makes me feel better,, i would hate to think someone was running around swapping around lids at priceline.

    Thank you for answering my question, based on what you said i went to look for the Too Cool color today and all 3 pricelines i went to were sold out! Going to look in the city tomorrow, hopefully i can find it :)

    Also your workplace sounds very awesome :)

  3. Omg my Pomegranate Punk says Asphalt on it! I didn't notice it until I got home either!

    1. Yeah i only noticed it when i was taking the photo!