Friday, 13 July 2012

Beauty Castle Must Have

I would not say this about any other product i use at this point in time, and this is the only product i have re- bought over and over and over again. I like to try new foundations, i like to try new powders or concealers. But as a facial cleanser i would never change and dread that it might one day be discontinued. What is this magical item you ask?

Fresh Farmacy from Lush.

This is without a doubt my number one product of all time and i could not give it higher praise. I'm not even sure my vocabulary is strong enough to do so now. So for a moment let's see Lush's description of this product:

"Cleansing chamomile and calamine bar for troublesome skin. Fresh Farmacy is the soothing, cleansing bar to reach for whenever you see a spot rearing its ugly head. It makes a tiny bit of froth to clean your face gently, and because it’s made with masses of calamine and chamomile, it’s one of the most calming cleansers known to humankind. We add rose, tea tree and lavender essential oils for their powerful, skin-calming properties. It doesn't only deal with spots; it soothes and eases other skin troubles, too."

I have to say that's pretty on the ball. It doesn't feel like your regular gel cleanser, its almost more like a solid clay mask, it goes on more like a milky watery layer, and i like to let it sit for a few minutes before washing it off while rubbing it into my skin.

I would say that it might be a little too drying for someone who already has dry skin, but acne prone/oily or even regular skin will love this product. It does cause your skin to dry immediately after but it isn't a painful kind of dry, it's more like a very clean lack of oil kind of dry, and i find your skin quickly jumps back but you can always use a moisturizer if it bothers you.

I originally tried this product as it supposed to be good for troubled skin, since using this i would no longer describe my skin like this. In fact i know i can use other cleansers freely without my skin reverting back so it seems to help your skin and doesn't necessarily require you keep using it afterwards, but i find the very clean feeling afterwards means i always go back to it.

The best way to use it that i find is to purchase a chunk that your happy with, i usually get about $13 - $15 worth and that last for about a month being used by me and my boyfriend every night. (Very gentle so it seems to have no problems being used every night).

This is the size of the bar i get and the bit on the left is about the size i use in the shower.

So when i get it home i cut of a  chunk about  two fingers worth and put the rest away in a metal tin i have to save for later. If it's in the water stream it melts much quicker so i suggest wetting your face and the bar and then applying it outside of the water stream and putting it away. Rub it into your face after about 30sec-1min wash it off. It's super easy and it seems to work best on the face but if you have acne prone skin on your chest or back it would work very well there as well.

I should mention that, as you can see on the picture is has little bits throughout it, so it can work as a very light exfoliator but honestly you barely notice those when using it. Maybe it would be a bigger issue if you have super sensitive skin but i think the Chamomile would probably even things out.

You can ask Lush for a dollar amount so if your unsure just go in and ask for $5 worth and see if you like it. It's usually part of a big pink flower shaped block, the smell isn't very strong and doesn't linger but it is a very soft slightly sweet herbal scent.

It's part of their all year stock and i cannot recommend it highly enough.

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