Must Have!

Holy Grail Products (Not to be Missed)

This list is not intended to be huge, though the hope is that it will grow with time, only exceptional products will be listed on here. Not just products that are good, but products that are amazing, cannot live without types.


Fresh Farmacy from Lush - cleanser and face wash. Great for oily or combination skins. Awesome at keeping Acne in check.

Haus of Gloi Soap -  Best soaps i have ever tried, much better then everyday supermarket soap and the best "specialist" "handmade" soap around. I especially recommend it in the Satyr (Blood orange and vanilla) variety.


Maybelline Eye Tattoos - I love these as eyeshadow, eyeshadow bases or eyeliners. Can't wait for the other collections to be released down under. Great utility eyeshadow with some truly lovely colors.

Face of Australia Budge-Proof Eyeliners - These are idiot proof and make using eyeliner so easy and then actually stays all day afterwards. Love it.

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