Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Review: Vineyard Peach Body Shop Range

Recently the Body Shop got a new-ish collection in that i have found to be quite gorgeous, in fact one sniff and i was quite lost and needed to make it mine. These products which include a body butter, body scrub, body lotion and shower gel all smell uniquely like a real peach rather then the usual sweet vague peach candy scent i find is present in the few peach scented items that make up collections bring out, which admittedly is not a lot.

To begin with i initially picked up only the shower gel because that was all i really needed; after all i still have much of my Haus of Gloi supply of body moisturizing products and to be honest I'm not that great at using them very often, its just not ever really been part of my routine and I'm not too crash hot on the exact specifics of how it should be used; is it just for legs? everywhere? how do i reach my back if it is? Do i need a buddy to use these products to their full extent? No sure, don't care enough to find out at this point.

That said as you can see i did end up with the body butter anyhow, and why? Well the shower gel smells beautiful but it doesn't stay around for the longest time, maybe 10 minutes max unless you keep you hand right up to your nose. The body butter however has better staying power; hence i kind of just use it as a perfume for the most part, and regular leg moisturizing when i can remember.

Both products work really well and don't disappoint,  the body butter will last for a very long time and shower gel seems to be holding up well too; the usage on the photos above is about 7 showers worth. 

Well worth a sniff next time you walk by a Body Shop! 
(Beware this range seems to be disappearing quickly)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Review: Beauty of Mind Nailpolish Remover

Welcome back everyone, happy new year and all that jazz :) I apologize for my recent absence but a combination of holidays and start of the year laziness as well as just a general slump in my beauty collection led me to being a bit less then zealous in terms of updates. I don't like buying things just to review them if i don't think i might like them so i guess certain times will just be more active then others, in general i was somewhat bored with everything i was seeing. To reflect that I'm going to try some new things this month and maybe branch into showing off some jewelery pieces I've become interested in.

So here is a weird nail polish remover i found at Gloss near the end of December and though it looked worth giving a go, it came in a variety of scents including cucumber and strawberry if i recall correctly, i picked the lemon version. When i first picked it up it was much brighter yellow; this is after about 6 uses.

This is not a new concept, there is a Burjois version in the UK/US which i hear is quite good but i have never seen it here, not have i seen a version from Sally Hansen though no doubt there is one somewhere. 

Overall this smells very much like a candy lemon; very sweet and sticky and the nail polish remover soaked into is is similarly very sticky and every time i tried it i found my hands sticking to every little thing and i needed regular remover and a hand wash before i could reapply anything new, so it the end it was a disappointment. Still not a huge loss for $3.

As for effectiveness; well it does work just not as quickly as other polish removers, for a single coat of polish it took about a minute, and up to 5 minutes for anything over one coat, it only began to work better after i dumped the left overs of my previous nail polish remover into it. In addition the clear glass jar which looks quite nice to begin with becomes yucky and gray/black as the nail polish sinks into it over time. So sadly this was a bust.

So keep an eye out and avoid this product! Be seeing more of you soon!

Let me know if you would be interested in jewelry posts and what are your thoughts on products like this? Have you ever found one like this that actually works comparably well to regular polish remover?