Friday, 6 July 2012

Blogger's First Haul Post

Yay! I got's me some stuff.

Firstly i need to start with a thank you to my dear boyfriend who was a complete champion about driving almost two hours to Cannigton as until next week they seemed to have the only Priceline carrying the two new (to Australia) Essence collections; Season of Extremes and 50's Girls Reloaded and i couldn't wait that long. But as you can see i only got one of the lipsticks so i might need to keep an eye out next week. So Thank You!!!!

So as far as i can tell the collection came out Tue/Wed , and i went in on Thursday an already almost half the stock was gone, and it's a trend edition so they won't usually be getting any more in. Blah!

Back to the fun stuff; 

Probably the most exciting part of this for me the 50's Girl's Reloaded stuff!
The colors maybe aren't that exciting but i was sold by the awesome retro design and just the fact i have seen nothing like this...ever. The pretties i got are; 

"03 come on board captain" eyeshadow (almost perfect match to the two nail polishes) a brave step for me, my eyeshadow preferences have (since getting into this whole makeup-pretty-thing) has leaned towards safe neutral colors - brows, creams, coppers, and the occasional gray. 

So a bright navy blue is a big step for me. Also not completely sure how to do these colors together but im sure the result will be good...or hilarious. It's pretty nice and sturdy, plastic case with a nice big mirror in the compact but no brush so not really sure how good that is, i guess you can just open it at dinner and admire yourself if the conversation gets dull?

The lipstick is and the red nailpolish are  "01/02 Back to the 50’s"

These are basically the 50's bombshell colors; they are pretty stunning vivid bright and just scream at you to put them on. I did kind of want the other lipstick more so I'm a little afraid of the brightness on this thing; scared of clownface-ness. But they look so pretty it might just help me overcome my fear.

The red nail polish is pretty sexy, it's in the realm of your basic standard every woman red but it's certainly got a lot more pop to stand out, so although red nails are a little traditional I'm quite looking forward to trying this out. (For the record i have only ever worn red/red nail polish once before in my life).

 The other two nail polishes are "03 I’m a marine girl", and "04 love me tender". Marine girl is a very deep blue with a hint of shimmer but nothing that's going to blind passersby. It goes on very smoothly, the brush is a little long for my liking but it worked okay. It was a thick one coater for me and seems to be holding on pretty tight, no chipping yet. (Btw the purple-y stuff on my ring finger is from the extremes collection down the bottom of this post) 

"04 love me tender" is an interesting color; judging by the bottle it is somewhere between silver and gold, a kind of champaign kind of color which i can't wait to try, maybe once i finish writing this I'll swap them over. I'll post back later with a pic, hopefully it doesn't lean too far silver. 

Tha's it so far for the 50's collection, till i can get that other lipstick and do some swatches, maybe?

I didn't go quite as crazy with the Extremes collection, mostly because i had very similar colors already and was already spending way too much money there. The whole collection was separated into pastels and brights and judging from what i got i was leaning more towards brights that day.

These ones are in photo order; "02 Brightsmates", "03  We are all bright" and "04 just the nude of us" and at $5.50 these were individually more expensive then anything from the other collection and this is actually a little pricey for Essence.

Looking forward to trying the taupe/nude color as i have nothing even vaguely similar. My other issue however is something i realized when i got home; i don't quite know how to store these? They don;t fit in my nail polish box and fall over if i put them in the fridge with my higher end polishes??? Help?

This was a .... not greatly thoguht out purchase but it was cheap ($2.95) and the color was visible halfway across the store it calls itself "Tickled Pink" but if it was up to me it would be renamed "Fuck off Pink". I have a couple of neons i've picked up recently but it's been too dark and cold and rainy for them, so this one might have to wait for warmer weather but right now it blinds me every time i look in the nail polish box. Never tried this brand so don't really have a lot of thoughts about it yet, might do some research and see what other people think.

Last but certainly not least this time is my pretty new Blush Brush (and friends) 

Although i was originally tempted by the angled blush brush i saw this and had to have it, it was only $5 more then th angled brush i was holding in my hand at the time and i was staring at them both going ummm and ohh when my boyfriend pointed out that a) the ecotools were a much better deal and b) the brushes were much much softer. So ecotools won.

Now here is somehting that never occured to me when reading blogs, until i was actually writing one (now); i wanted to take out the brushes and play with them as soon as i got home; but it was already dark and i wanted to take a nice unopened picture to post here. So i had to wait till this morning as i don;t have a lightbox or any space for one. That was a weird experience but something to keep in mind.

I'm quite excited about this brush; as it's replacing a fairly awful brush from a brand called "Miss Makeup" that i bought when i was 16 and my google-ing now tells me either no longer exists or never existed and the brushes i have from the brand traveled to me via wormhole from the universe of terrible brushes.

I look forward to a much less painful makeup routine in the morning, now that i think about it this terrible brush might have been responsible for some of my breakouts in years past as it is very prickly and irritating on the face. Oh what a fool i was to put up with it for so many years!

So now off to play....or rather make raster images for my dads company :(

OH! almost forgot, this may of no interest to anyone but me but on the off chance theres a history/geek girl out there who wants a shiny new game to play i have recently come across "Crusader King;s 2" from face value a standard rts like game about ruling Europe (and who doesn't enjoy that) in the early middle ages, the fun lies in the fact that most of the game is played through interacting with your court and family;

I played for a few hours last night and my firstborn daughter and heir turned out to have the traits "homosexual", "ambitious" and "arbitrary" and then proceeded to try usurp my crown. Now why is this interesting you might ask? Because there's a Game of Thrones mod. As in you can play one of the houses; Starks, Lannisters etc

Plus the game has absolutely hilarious ads;
(There are eight of these ads, one for each sin plus an extra one about piracy)

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