Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

I think it's been made quite clear, in what is less then a month of blogging (woot!) that I'm kind of a big fan of Lush. I know some people seem to have issues with the brand, but to me i find they always try really hard to be natural and friendly, perhaps at times the products might not succeed but they try harder then any other skincare brand i know to be open and to be on good terms with their community.

So the product I'm looking at today, I'm looking at for a very good reason; today Lush announced that the  Australian Business Awards have named Ro's Argan Body Conditioner this year's Best New Product. High praise indeed :)  I think? honestly i don't know, but it's an honor anyhow and a good reason as any to review this gorgeous product.

I was kind of hoping to wait to post this review until a) i got a new ..bottle? cup? of Ro's Argan and b) until Blogs developed smell-o-vision(?) because the scent of this is what i love the most about this product. I would make everything i own smell like this if i could, i would use this as a perfume, as as body wash, a hand cream, a night cream, as cake frosting, as desert, basically pretty much anything.

That's not to say the smell is all it has going for it, but it's hard for me to focus on any of that other good stuff now that i have the smell on me from swatching it for you guys. It's incredibly distracting (and yummy)  it makes me want to lick my own hand in the hope it will taste as good as it smells (it doesn't btw...no reason at all why i might know that)

The smell is kind of a mix between Roses, Coco and Vanilla with the tiniest hint of lemon, but not like grandma type roses, more like a very subtle sweetness that's not too overbearing. It's just absolutely gorgeous, i cannot say that enough.

I say this with a great deal of skepticism, BUT, it might be too much for some people, It's a sweet, beautiful but heavy scent so definitely have a smell next time your at Lush.

As you can see I'm near the end of my .....container, and that makes me sad because it's sort of on the expensive side for something that i could probably go through in a single week if i so desired. I use this before special occasions now or when I'm really craving that lovely smell. ( It's 29.95 for 225g)

It is, as you can see a very gooey creamy colored substance that's incredibly soft and goes on very smooth; they way it works is you put it on at the end of your shower rituals. Just rub it in and enjoy the smell then wash it off and pat dry; kind of like a conditioner for your body. This means you can skip having to stand around nekkid and use a body moisturizer cos you're already done! 

It might feel a little odd at first when you put it on, since it has so many happy oils it it, it basically feels like your skin is waterproof, so water kind of just slides right off but it's not an uncomfortable feeling and you're already clean by that point so it's not a big deal for me, but i guess some might find it uncomfortable.

It is a pretty awesome idea, and the product certainly works like a dream. Except for a minor issue, and it is minor except when you consider the price tag your using it in the shower so your hands and presumably the rest of you wet also, so it's slippery, it's easy to drop the jar(?)  when trying to open it and it's easy to get water into the container when you do get it open.

So just be careful, if you get too much water into it the consistency will be altered and it probably won't work as well or smell quite as delightful.

This stuff works a dream, and I imagine it will be double wonderful if you have dry skin. 
Love it, if your looking for a way to cut down on the moisturizing (especially in the colds of winter) this might just be the product for you and if not go in and smell it anyway!

Now just as a tiny side note; the smell (again!) is actually why i bought this product.

I went along to their launch night and this was one of the products coming out (along with the totally awesome Dirty soap) and i tried this on really early in the night, then moved on to look at the other stuff (their new dry shampoo was lots of fun, and they had a wicked rose petal jam (to eat not put on your skin, though i doubt it would hurt) that i have searched in vain for since). 

So the evening was winding down and i was considering what to pick up to take home with me. As it turned out the entire evening i had been smelling my hand, like some sort of puppy with a complex and i hadn't even realized it at first, just kept doing it the whole night till mum pointed it out.

So i knew i had to have whatever it was that i had put on my arm at the start, who cares if all it did was smell so nice. Lucky it turned out to actually be quite awesome overall, but if it wasn't i would not care.

I hope they make a whole line of Ro's scented stuff, i know their Imogen perfume is rose smelling but it's not anywhere near this level of win.

(Btw, I'm back at school now, so posts might not be quite as frenzied as they were the last three weeks. But i have some nice things coming in the mail for me which i think we will all enjoy :)

p.s. go smell it


  1. You took the words out of my mouth! I love the smell of this but I've been trying to savour it because it is SO expensive!

  2. I was in Lush today and this is the only thing I slathered onto my hands. After I left I could smell the gorgeous scent in the air around me. I was fiscally responsible and did not buy it. :O

    1. Your a better person then I Ms Prickle

    2. Hahahahaha!

      I did leave with...

      Big, 9 to 5, Dark Angels, Rose Jam, Sunnyside, Comforter, Sweetie Pie and a sample of No Drought.

      My willpower is not THAT strong. I keep forgetting to take my spare pots in to swap for a face mask. I will have to do that the next time I go on a grand adventure to the city. ;)