Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lust Have it July

Yay, today my Lust Have it box came in the mail :)

So since I've seen a few versions floating around i though i would do a quick post showing what was in the "box" this month. This is my third box so far and so far I'm quite happy with it since i like getting stuff in the post and i like having the surprise of different stuff.  So although i might appreciate more make up stuff i really don't mind receiving skin care stuff wither since it's all just fun stuff to try out that i might never have touched otherwise.

So my orange box ( gold star if you get the reference) had the following;

Matrix  Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner  (30 & 50ml)

Interesting but not hugley excited to try this, after the fiasco i had with my last paraben free shampoo (see Sukin Shampoo & Conditioner Review ) which i still have a lot of, but i do like changing up my shampoo so I'm sure I'll find a chance to use it, unless mum wants it then I'll pass it to her since she recently got her hair done too.

Haven't tried anything from this brand before so that's probably the most exciting bit.

Avene Eye Make-up Remover and  Purifying Scrub (25 & 5ml)

These make me a little more happy then the Matrix stuff, i like face scrubs and trying new ones is always enjoyable as i don't have particularly sensitive skin so it's never really a huge concern for me.  The eye-remover is cool but i still haven't the one i received in my first box so it's going to be a little while before this goes into rotation though i have bought a new eyeshadow recently so maybe it's fate. 

I have the Avene facial mist and it's quite loveley so im am quite happy with the inclusion of this stuffs :)

Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion in Orange Blossom (350ml)

I don't really use Body Lotions much, it's not that i have anything against them but i can just never seem to find a good time for it though i have a few body butters and the likes that get used very occasionally, however this really does smell quite sweet and inviting so i might have to make an exception with it.

Tigi Beg Head Junkie lip gloss

The only "full size" product of the bunch, a redish coppery  lip gloss with a faint peppermint scent, it seems quite pigmented and from the little i have tried so far seems to have a lot of silver  micro glitter in it so it is not for everyone, the texture itself kind of looks like a mousse - very thick. Might get some use out of this, though i would have preferred  a lipstick over a gloss.

Overall a nice box with nothing really special, after three boxes i still enjoy the experience but some of the brands involved really don't seem to be making a huge effort to provide samples, the brands that made me choose Lust Box over Glossybox were OPI,  Bobby Brown, Lancome, Burt's Bees and Laura Mercer) have not really included much so far; not ever a mascara or an eyeliner pencil. Still i do hope they have something more exciting planned for their birthday box next month.

I do kind of wish i had gotten the "Baby Foot" sample i have seen in other boxes though :)

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