Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Essence Grand Plie in Black

Not exactly on trend but this little pretty only came into my life yesterday and so i though we could test it out together and as such i guess it takes the honors of being the first featured product for this blog.

With no further ado; Grand-Plie in Black

Grand-Plie in Black is a  glossy jelly like nail polish,  and was the only dark color of the collection. In the bottle the the glitter looks to be a sparse coppery/red color which definitely comes out more copper then red once on the nail. (a tiny disappointment)

The base is quite dark so you won't get a jelly sandwich effect, instead you will just see the glitter on the top with the rest being swallowed up by the base. It creates a very subtle and delicate effect which i feel was the idea behind this collection.

The application was very smooth, a 2 coater for me (plus base coat) . It could easily have been a thick one coater, but i prefer two coats to even things out. I had a little trouble my little pinkie (right hand) where it went on very ragged and clumpy but i suspect this was more of a base coat problem, or a sign of things to come as two hours later that same fingernail broke and is now sadly tiny.

I do like this color, I'm quite partial to dark nail polish and anything to break up a pure black is cool with me. I love the little lace design on the bottle and the brush has a wider then usual size, something between Revlon brush and OPI. Quite easy to manage. If it was available permanently i would repurchase but we all know  nail polish bottles seem to be bottomless and never run out.

No top coat on this one either as i like to change up my nail polish every two days (and its quite glossy without it) or so at the moment and it seemed kind of a waste, plus my current top coat (also Essence) Quick Dry Top Coat has been leaving me with sheet marks no matter what time of the day i do my nails. So on the lookout for a new top coat atm.

For those in the dark this is a polish from Essence, a European brand that is pretty awesome quality and unique ideas especially for a $3.50 price tag. (In Australia) and it seems to be similarly prices overseas).

This particular pretty is from the June 2011 Ballerina Backstage collection, which only seemed to hit Australia earlier this year as we appear to be a bit behind in make up (as in video games and  everything else too).

This being a trend edition it only sticks around for a while and after about a week is stripped bare leaving only the remnants left. However most Target stores will get some of these in a little later and then they will hang around in bits and pieces for the next few months.

Along with this piece over the past few weeks i was able to find one of their eye soufflé in 02 "pas des copper" , a blush soufflé in 01 "prima ballerina", and a eyeshadow primer "i love the stage " that originally came with this collection but is now (pretty sure) part of the permanent line. If i feel brave enough to photograph my face i might show these ones later on as they are very good (i absolutely love the blush).

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