Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review: Bourjois Overview

As I was walking out of Priceline with my Bourjois gift in hand, it  occurred to me that I had quite a few of their products and that it might be fun to do a little overview of the brand as it's a little more expensive then some of the other Priceline brands so it might be harder to test out their stuff sometimes. Over the years I have owned many of their products and a long time ago they used to make my favorite lipstick of all time which sadly is no longer a thing. However a few months ago they did release a very similar limited edition product of the same nature which was awesome.
Bourjois is French cosmetics company originally launched in 1863 and a lot of their products fit into a very vintage French theme, including their many gift make-up bags, two of which you can see in the corners of the above photo.

One of their super popular products is their healthy mix serum foundation, which I am indeed a huge fan of as it doesn't cake, doesn't oxodize, and applies like a dream, on the other hand the other foundation I have is their full coverage flower perfection which when I had a tester of it was amazing but when I purchased the bottle it turned out to be largely horrible and had every problem a foundation can have until about a year after purchase I tried applying it with a sponge which largely fixed every issue, and when used correctly is actually very good and as the name suggests smells quite nice too. I would say that overall their foundations are very good, including their bb creams but will sometimes need to be worked properly to get the most you can out of them. 8/10

As far as primers go I have never been disappointed in their formula which are largely silicon based but they have certainly improved their packaging as their first primer was packaged in a plastic tine and was both unhygienic and also very small so it didn't last long. However likley their foundations and bb creams their primers now all seem to come with pumps which makes them much easier to use and their still amazing. 10/10

I have also tried several liners, both pencil and ink. The teal pencil liner is one of my favourite liners I have as it stick on like glue but is super smooth to apply, the only down size is unless their is a special it is very expensive for a simple pencil eye-liner. 10/10

Their ink liners are really great also, but sometimes they are not waterproof which can be an issue, the ones I buy are the marker tips which i find to have the smoothest application (from any brand) and easier to use then gel liners or traditional liners. The only problem I had with this is that the bottom one in the picture, the liner feutre was a gift in a make-up bag and was apparently almost completely dry when I got it. So it only lasted about a month and has after taking this photo gone straight in the bin. However the other one is super black and super smooth at application though a bit smudgy. Overall their ink liners aren't the greatest in my experience if your looking for longevity but there are certainly worse ones out there. 5/10

Probably Bourjois mascara is the one product I always seem to have on hand, not necessarily because they are amazing but because they include them in every gift pack, however the volume seconde above I actually did buy and it is absolutely amazing and reminds me of Loreal Telescopic in that it can grab even the tiniest lashes. They do dry very quickly once applies and so I fiund they do not smudge quite so much and many other brands and are also much darker with none of the grey tint that i have found in other mascaras. 9/10

Another of their famous products is their round pot blushes which smell amazing and almost like a rose pastry rather then a blush, however in the past I have found these to be terrible - dry and very very difficult to use, hence I threw away the few I had because they were just too hard. However this one above which I received last week in a gift (spend $19 or more and receive a make-up bag with the happy light serum primer and blush) it would seem that either I was getting terrible duds or they have fixed their formula as this one is very soft and  easy to apply and still smells amazing. 6/10

Their lip products are one of their highlights also, however their Rouge Edition Velvet matte cream is the only one I own at the moment just because I have many lipsticks and have cut down purchasing them, However I have never had a problem with any of them, they have always been smooth, soft, long lasting and (except for the matte products) not drying. 9/10

Overall Bourjois products are a little more expensive but they make up for it in quality and they also have sales and gifts such as the one that's going on right now. So if you have been holding back now might be a good time to take a whirl on the Bourjois carousel. 

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