Nail Polish Database

Sally Hansen
Antique Gold (Crackle) (gold)
Berry Important (Salon Manicure) (red)
Blu (HD) (Blue)
Blue It (Xtreme Wear) (blue) - Review
Glit 002 (Lustre Shines) (gold/pink duochrome)
Greige (Salon Manicure) (gray) 
Lady Luck (pink glitter)

Lava 006 (Lustre Shines) (gold/red dupchrome)

Midnight in NY (black glitter)

Pixel Pretty (HD) (green) - Review
Showgirl Chic (Gem Crush) (silver glitter)
Whisper (Smooth&Perfect)(purple) - Review

Absolutely Blue (Blue)
Back to the (50's)(red)
Better Late Than Never (red)
Beauty on Tour (Boarding)(orange)
Blue Addicted (Blue)
Brightsmates (Extremes) (pink/orange glitter)
Choose Me (green)
Dancing the Swan Lake (Ballerina) (white)
Destination Sunshine (Boarding) (yellow)
Exit on Your Right (Boarding) (green)
Galactic Black  (black)
Gold Old Buffy (Vampire)  (black)
Grand-Plie in Black (Ballerina)  (black) - Review 
Grumpy (Snow White) (blue)
Hard to Resist (blue)
Hunt Me if you Can (Vampire) (black)
I'm a Marine Girl (50's) (blue)
I Want That (pink)
Just the Nude of Us (Extremes) (beige/blue glitter)
Love Me Tender (50's) (gold)
Love, Peace and Purple (You Rock) (purple)
Make it Golden (gold glitter)
Mauve Like a Rockstar (Rebels)(purple)
My Best Nude Freinds and Me (Extremes)(brown/white glitter)
Prince Charming (Snow White) (clear) (holo glitter)
Purple sugar (pink/purple)
Punk Royal (Rebels((Top Coat)(glitter)
Rebelizer  (Rebel) (green)
Sending You Kisses (Boarding) (pink)
Space Queen (clear glitter)
Sparkling Water Lilly (white)
Sweet as Candy (pink)
The Dawn is Broken (Vampire) (grey) - Review
Via Airmail (Boarding)(blue)
We Are All B right (Extremes) (green/purple glitter)
Wear Your Little Tutu (Ballerina) (pink)
Where's the Party (purple)

Black Onyx (black)
DS Radiance (silver)
DS Reflection (red)
Glitzerland (gold) - Review
Give Me The Moon (purple)
I Don't Give a Rotterdam (blue)
Just Spotted The Lizard (gold) (duochrome) - Review
Lincoln Park After Dark (purple)
Not Like the Movies (purple) - Review
Pirouette My Whistle (silver)(Top Coat) - Review
Sparrow Me The Drama (pink)
Stay the Night (Liquid Sands) (Black & Red)

China Glaze
Agro (Hunger Games) (green)
Electrify (Hunger Games) (red/gold glitter)
Harvest Moon (Hunger Games)(copper)
For Audrey (green) - Review
Meteor Shower (blue)
Optical Illusion (Prismatic) (green)
Re-Fresh Mint (green)
Riveting (Hunger Games) (orange)
Secret Peri-Winkle (blue)
Smoke and Ashes  (Hunger Games) (blue)
Stone Cold (Hunger Games) (gray)

A England
Ascalon (silver)(s.holo)
Bridal Veil (black) (s.holo)
Holy Grail (original) (gold) (metallic)
Saint George (green)(s.holo) - Review

She Walks in Beauty (gold) (glitter)

Tristam (blue)(s.holo)

Cherry Crush 760 (red)
Electric  305 (yellow)
Popular 230 (pink)
Royal 730 (blue)
Scandalous (purple glitter)
Whimisical (blue base with pink and blue glitter)

Chi Chi
Before You Go Go (pink)

Choose Chi Chi (orange)
Jitterbug (green)
Glitterati (multi)
Relax Don't Do It (Blue)

Color Club
Fashion Addict (purple) (holo)

Worth the Risque (silver) (holo)

Max Factor
Fantasy Fire (purple)(duochrome)

Luxedo (purple)

Liliacism (purple)

Anna Sui
Russian 001 (pink)
Russian 002 (purple)
Russian 003 (pink glitter)

Black Gloss 737(Titanium)(Red)
Black Violet 732  (Titanium)(Purple)

Tickled Pink (pink) - Review
Purple Viking (purple glitter)

SOHO (Pink)
High Fashion (purple)

Turquoise Wave (Magnetic) (green)

Bewitched (magnetic) (red)

Miss Shop
Edward Dare (blue)

Red Carpet

Milky Way (white) (glitter)

Fragile (blue, black matte glitter)
Mottle (green, black matte glitter)


N197 (blue)
N308 Magenta (puple)

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