Sunday, 22 July 2012

Emotional Brilliance Hoopla!

Que golden beams of light and heavenly music.

Today, via kind invitation from the girls at City Plaza (in Perth) i went down there to check out their totally cool new range of "Emotional Brilliance" makeup line, i got shown around all the pretty new things and got to play around with a lot of them too. (hence when i walked out my hand looked like a multicolored zebra from color swatching).

First things first; as it was described to me this makeup range is about wearing colors that help you visualize something that you need in your life or that reflects your personality; confidence, ambition, charm, ambition.

At the store you can get a reading done , or here on their website (though it's totally less cool) , how it works is you sit at their color wheel and it gets spun, then you open your eyes and pick whichever three colors appeal to you most, not necessarily your favorite but the ones that speak to you on an "emotionally brilliant" level.

Each color is associated with a feeling and a product, here was mine;

The colors i picked out; in photo order were; Confident (lipcream), Sophisticated (eyshadow) and Calm (an eyeliner) (And say hello to the ultra friendly staff)

Since my camera choose this day to get snarky here's a better picture of each of those from their website. 

Isn't the packaging cute? Kind of medicinal and minimalistic. But it's very lush; recyclable, vegan, natural. All good stuff!

So let's see some colors;

Especially unique i found were the following; 

Believe a red/pink lip cream (bottom picture), 
Fantasy a gold slightly olive toned eyeliner, very bright and one of two quick setting eyeliners (the other is the black) (middle picture)
Motivation a dark blue leaning teal eyeliner with shimmer (swatch further below) (middle picture, looks really blue there)
Sophisticated a Burgundy leaning taupe eyeshadow (pictured above) and
Success a silver eyeliner (went well with pink hair!) ( 3rd picture bottom left)

Pictured: Motivation (eyeliner!)

Here are some more appealing pictures;

In addition to this is their Deserted Island range of supplement products;
apparently based on what necessities  you would want to take to a deserted island, and either no one at Lush HQ said something sensible like toilet paper or a solar powered iPad and their crazy,  but instead I'm going to choose to believe they are just very dedicated.

This is two new skin tint's; a particularly awesome iridescent light reflecting highlighter, a very warm  blend-able bronzer, a translucent setting powder and a natural vegan mascara.

You can play with all of it in store, so you can see if you like the texture/color and how it works on you.

Feeling Younger is the completely awesome highlighter!

So i walked away with; Confident (the lip cream), Eyes Right (the vegan mascara), and Feeling Younger (the awesome highlighter from above) though to be honest my heart does call for Sophistication, the eyeshadow i mean.

Hopefully someone does right by me, next month, for my birthday.

Swatches below; see the wonder that is Feeling Younger;

As you can see in the tub it's a kind of gray-metallic-white, not particularity appealing but wait till this baby gets it's hands on you, or in this case vice versa.

Suddenly it's no longer white or dull, it's iridescent and warm and peachy. Absolutely gorgeous color, and can be completely blended. Take note, this product like most of these does react to your skin chemistry and the colors will look a bit different on everyone, so dark red on one person might turn into an orange red on someone else. True story, i saw this happen.

For instance as you can see on me  this product is a very light golden peach tone, the girl showing it to me ended up with a sort of warm iridescent pink and when i put it on my boyfriend earlier this evening (minimal protesting, thank you dear) it was a darker almost orange toned gold. Awesome, crazy madness right there.

(BTW the nail polish here is Re-fresh mint by China Glaze)

When it comes to the mascara i was a little concerned at first, i got this one the day before via my boyfriend  (thank you again dear)  sight unseen and the brief research i did before hand had me a little concerned. Unnecessarily so it turned out as this will now be my everyday mascara as it separates lashes incredibly well without clumping. It's not a lengthening or volume mascara, more like a definition mascara.

I was previously using Burjois Volume Glamor Ultra Curl for everyday and it was a bit too much  for me, and Loreal Telescopic for outings. However i have pretty long lashes and although these (especially telescopic) are great at showing that off, they do not perform well for just going out everyday where they take ages to drive and due to the long lashes i end up with zebra striped on my eyebrows and cheeks. Not attractive.

Sorry about the redness, mornings and me don't work so well together. So here is the mascara at work in all it's separating glory, this is just one coat too, feel free to  layer it to your heart's content. It still won't clump up. (that's hard to say!)  The eyeliner I'm wearing here is "Success"  the silver eyeliner (duh).

One teeny tiny almost non issue, the brush is small, tiny really, very good for letting you get your corner lashes but might be a turn off for some people; but instead just get a disposable mascara wand!

P.s. This mascara is vegan too, only has one preservative in it, as opposed to like a million.

Annnnnnnd Confident, definitely darker then my usual lipsticks ( i tend to favor mauve/plum colors) and I'm amazed at the pigment in these colors, very rich and soft. Bendable as well so if you want a less intense look that works well too. They lip creams seem to be quite softening  in addition to the great color. Part of the formula i was told includes Lush's softening Ultrabalm as a base, which is a simple blend of organic jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax.

It does have a strong scent to it to begin with, im not sure how to describe it; at first i thought maybe licorice but on closer scent inspection i would lean more towards something like a blueberry or some kind of dark berry scent. Noticable i did not really notice this smell on any of the lighter toned lip creams and it doesn't hang around long if it's not your cup of blueberry licorice.

Here's how the color looks (unblended) very deep rich Burgundy

Here it is blended out, reminds me of my favorite  Berry Smoothie Lip Butter.

 So that's what i found, a very cool collection for Lush's first foray into the makeup world and a very welcome addition it is. Totally go have a play and see what you like, most of the stuff is about $24 so a little on the hefty side if you haven't tried it out.

Thank you for everyone at Lush for showing me around and explaining the collection. I'll be back for that eyeshadow! 

Since i hate to disappoint, as asked here is a picture of my new bright pink hair. Which i now, that the shock has worn away, love to death.  (Done for my my best ever hair stylist Sophie at the Hair Salon at Ocean Keys, if you want awesome hair go see her)

Living up to the "Cat" part of this blog; my sweet kitty cat Bella (not names after Twilight). Sadly i moved out of home last year and so she is now an orphan kitty who loves with my parents, but i am sure to visit often. I will try to find a good picture of my older fat cat Miffy.

Congratulations if you made it all the way to the bottom of this long post, you deserve a reward. Go get yourself something nice :)

( This post was not sponsored or anything, i just really love Lush)


  1. I have a couple of posts on the emotional Brilliance range on my blog too! Feel free to check it out

  2. I had the same complaint about the size of the mascara wand. They had some extras there and I was told that we could take one of those instead.

    I did not like the labelling they had on the products. It was too difficult to work out which product was an eye shadow or a lipstick. Even the sales assistant did not know!

    1. from the range i have tried they seem mostly interchangeable especially between the eyeshadow and eyeliners, and the lip colors seem quite good as blushes too.