Tuesday, 3 July 2012

That Starting Post

So I've sat here for the past hour trying to figure out what to write. It's hard. I know no one will see this for a while, talking about myself or why i want to start a blog isn't relevant to anyone but me. (at least not yet).

So, if your anything like me (which is hard to say as we only just met right?)...but say you find a blog you like, at least to start with, i will go back through their older posts reading it like a book....but maybe that's just me?

Well it was this activity that inspired me to start my own pretty things blog, and so since the best place to start is the beginning i thought it might be nice to acknowledge the blogs and their wonderful writers that lead me here today;

  • #1 Don't They Know Who I Am? - not the biggest or the shiniest but very much the most honest and down to earth blog and the one which really solidified the want of my own blog. This girl is funny, honest about everything (sometimes things you didn't know you wanted anyone to be honest about) and has an awesome kitty cat who as she puts it "photo bombs" her pictures. I like cats, this doesn't hurt.
  • #2 LabMuffin- No cat's here but an awesome mix of beauty and science that is hard to resist. If you have ever wondered what those crazy names on your makeup and skincare bottles is this is a good place to find out. Her explanations aren't to science-y and very easy to follow. Very clean and simple place, i like the unique take on beauty. Won't be none of that here i get confused by long science-y words.
  • #3 Ivana Thinks Pink - awesomely bright nail polish blog with some manicures that make me immediately want to go buy a ton of nail polish (not that i wouldn't if i could anyway) and then actually do fancy things with them.  Fancy is hard, but maybe with some practice i can try to do some pretties as well.
  • #4 Carlotta's Beauty Spot - very hands on beauty blogger with some great personal reflection on the products and her life, a great read and very solid reviews.

So please go give those ladies some love =)

There is....one product brand, that although it has been done to death, i feel i need to credit with my want of blog, and that is LUSH. Two years ago i couldn't care less about make up/skincare what i referred to as "girly things" . At that point i didn't like girly things, they walked around in big crowds and giggled at ear piercing volume, discussed topics that made my eyes bleed, make bad decisions and terrible reality tv not to mention back in high school those makeup-ed/pink/giggle girls were the bane of my days.

But yes, walking past LUSH with my boyfriend in the city was a eye opening, or maybe nose opening experience. It was a place filled with GIRLS, but not those girls. Nice people, happy people excited about the products they were selling and who supported what their brand was trying to achieve. It smelled divine and i walked out of their with a bar of honey i washed the kids soap and a golden bubble bar (because it was soo shiny) not realizing it was for the bath (duh) but just wanting the pretty thing.

I used it anyway, in the shower as an exfoliator, it hurt a little, that's not what bubble bars are used for, it made my shower a glitter bomb, and the next two weeks of showers included more then your average levels of glitter. But my skin felt great, the shower was pretty, and everything smelt sooooo good.

It opened my eyes to the fact that makeup and skincare people could be normal, nice people too, not airheads. So taking baby steps since then has led me to finding out more about LUSH, which led me to various Blogs and Youtube channels about beauty where the people were nice and the make up was shiny.
So thank you Internet for changing my opinion. Maybe one day (far far away) i can do the same for someone else.

Wish me luck
- Neesa