Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Super Tired Haul Post!

I feel like today i have leveled up as a blogger; i now own my very first, NARS blush. Also my first high end product i have purchased just for me.

Today the car went in for a service thus giving me and my boyfriend a chance to wonder aimlessly around the city for some three hours hoping the car was not going to cost an arm and leg. Thus after a nice lunch, and some time snooping at geeky Dungeons and Dragons books at Tactics in London Court we made  our way over to some "shiny shops" as i like to call them. That is shops that stock things like  makeup, jewelery, skincare or in general things i find to be pretty and interesting to pretty much only to me.

(Not all of these were purchased at the same time, just came into my possession within a day of each other)

Firstly exploring Myer today i found a Essie polish on sale; LUXEDO a deep plum polish (but nowhere near as dark as Linkin Park After Dark) and as i was not totally thrilled with my jelly mani earlier i decided to grab a glitter fest nailpolish from Chi Chi aptly named "Glitterati". (Attempting my second jelly mani as i type).

Next stop was Target (which btw now stocks MAC eye shadows, but i find the MAC stuff way too intimidating at the moment to venture there). At Target i located the last of the last 24 Hour eye tattoo in "Too Cool". (Still undecided about the taupe)  Others of these were reviewed here.

It was literally the last one on the shelf, everything else was gone except a single orange eye tattoo which by the time i circled back around again was also gone. Not  to mention that I've been checking out Priceline andTargets every time i walk  past them  in the last week or so in hope of finding it, the entire range seems to be sold out across town.

Then my luxury purchase;  (prepare for photo fest)

Love the packaging, and the girls at Mecca were super friendly.

I walked into Mecca cosmetics, thinking I'll take a look at the oh-so-lusted-for NARS Orgasm blush (giggle) and then when i had a try of it i was not really that impressed, i mean it's pretty but it's such a glitter-bomb, crazy shimmer. Not a blush for me, as someone who had to deal with oily skin in my teens I'm not a fan of anything that makes my face shiny. 

But as you can see i clearly didn't leave empty handed, well Orgasm and Super-Orgasm (double giggle) were not my cup of tea, but their sister Deep Throat (giggle) caught my eye and then my heart.

Though i would never normally buy this for the inflated price, the prices aren't hugely different this time ($45) and i wanted a birthday treat. So since my birthday is approaching i got this as a birthday treat for me. 

It's so pretty, I'm a little afraid to touch it.

Oh, almost forgot the other two things i got were from Mum's visit to Hong Kong; a legit bb cream (very eager to try) and a set of scented nail polishes from the Anna Sui range (don't know it, but it's cute). The nail polishes feature Russian dolls on the brush handle and from my little research it seems to be part of a set, i found some more info at this blog here .

So far i tried the purple polish and the grape scent stayed on all night and kept me up; not entirely unpleasant but a little sickening after a while. Not sure if  I'm going to venture into these anytime soon. But cute nonetheless. 

I'll do some swatches and let you know how the products go after some testing. 

UPDATE: Who knew NARS would be an amazing blush?

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  1. How exciting! I love NARS blushes, your first one is a big moment!