Sunday, 13 July 2014

Review: Love Lanolips

Regulars will know of my love for matte lipsticks and lip products, the downside of that love is dry and chapped lips, which isn't helped by my lip biting tendencies. In an effort to fight lip dryness i have recently discovered Lanolips, and it has (as you can probably guess by the amount of products) become my favorite lip balm type product and  I do not see myself going back. so let me take you through my Lanolips journey.

After suffering a terrible cold and my lips being even drier then usual I went out of my way to try find the 101 Lanolips Ointment which i had read was the star of fixing those kind of issues but when i came across it it seemed a little expensive at around $17 and next to it was a little travel pack containing the 101 Ointment, the golden Ointment and their Rose Intense Hand Balm for around the same price, so i picked up the pack instead as i thought it might give me a better handle on the brand and if it would be worth picking up
more items.

It was. and over the past two weeks I have picked up the Lanolips Lemon aid Lip Treatment, The brand new release Bannana Balm and my most recent pick up the Tinted Lip Ointment in Rose. So far I love them all and would have great difficulty picking just one. But let me go a little more in depth with each product;

101 Ointment -  This is a multi-purpose, treatment balm, infused with 100% (!!!) pure medical grade lanolin. It is all natural, fragrance-free balm, and apparently holds up to 200% of its weight in moisture as well as being dermatologically tested. As a basic balm it's damn near perfect and is a no fuss and moisture packed almost silicon like gel. You can use it for anything, although i have mostly stuck to lips but it's perfectly safe for almost any (outer) dry body issues. Keep in mind none of these are the kind of balm that disappears and is quickly absorbed, nope, not here, it sits like a shield on your dry bits and constantly keeps the area moist and does a great job of healing the area up if it is chapped and damaged. I was able to get severely damaged lips (ie bleeding and broken) to look almost perfect with a single overnight use.

Rose Balm - A super creamy hand balm. It's very moisturizing and again contains the high grade lanolin as all their other products. It's not quite as mind blowing as their lip balms but you could certainly do much worse. It does a great job especially if you hands are more then just a little dry but for regular hand care it might be a little too heavy. Smells great though.
Golden Ointment - Honestly this is the product i have used the least as my major dryness really occurs on my lips. however my partner has some bad dryness on his forehead and this did a wonderful job of fixing it. Like the 101 Ointment it's a multi purpose balm but has a bit more oomph behind it. Since this one is a little more heavy it's more recommended for use outside your face such as feet or elbows but it still does a good job especially if have painful lip cuts or splits as this one product contains medical grade lanolin, manuka honey and vitamin e.

Lemonaid Lip treatment -  This was my first individual purchase and i could only keep one product it would probably be this, it's sweet but not gross lemon scent and amazing performance is a keeper. It now has a slanted applicator tip which older versions apparently did not so it's super easy to apply. I use this one overnight or if i'm having a particularly bad flaking as it is a exfoliator with it's natural lemon ingredient. If you can only get one, get this one! It's has a small amount of micro glitter as well but is otherwise clear.

Bannana Balm - This is their newest release, and it's idea is to be a 3 in 1 treatment which protects, conditions and adds luster to your lips. Which sounds great but honestly the other do all that too! This one a bit more of a cream then a gel and smells amazing, not 100% banana, more like banana and caramel. I do quite love the scent and it feels quite luxe to wear, a very nice choice.

Tinted Lip Ointment in Rose - I picked this one up because I was loving my Lanolips but got a bit frustrated that i couldn't really wear the banana or lemon outside without my lips looking a bit white or yellow-ish from the clear of banana gloss. The answer of course was the tinted version of Lanolips, I picked it up in Rose because none of the shops near me had any others but I'm sure together colors will make their way to my bag. however the color is gorgeous and very much a my lips but better color for me. Now you can have the best of both worlds!

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  1. Hi! Lovely to meet another Perth blogger! For some reason I never 'trusted' Lanolips because Priceline is always putting special offers on the brand, so I assumed they were always trying to get rid of it. Thanks for reviewing, I have super dry lips so I will keep Lanolips in mind next Priceline visit.