Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Pixel Pretty

Sally Hansen  Hi-Definition 03 Pixel Pretty

I originally purchased this nail polish after seeing reviews of the previous HD set,
particularly the much loved Sally Hansen HD DVD . This is....nothing like that. Sadly. But it's pretty awesome on it's own merits. 

The color is really what sells this, it's certainly not the application. It is sheer, as it almost invisible to begin with kind of sheer, which depending on your outlook is a good thing or bad thing. I think this might be cool to layer over some other colors so im mostly okay with it. The part im not so okay with is the epic drying time, do yourself a favor and make sure each coat is 100% dry before the next one or it will end up yucky and is a disaster waiting to happen. I used 3 coats, and a 4th coat was strongly considered.

Sorry for the orange hue on the photo but that's what this color does to the camera, this color basically glows. It's bright and rich and crazy glowy. It's got some shimmer in it but this seems to be what gives it that glowy brightness rather than a shimmery sheen within a cream sort of look.

The brush is pretty generic, not very wide more on the Revlon spectrum then the OPI but it is a bit...long. This isn't really an issue I've had before but it does mean you don't have as much control but you can see the nail better while your working. So maybe it's an even trade. But probably not a polish for the beginner.

Here it is with flash and it still won't stop outshining everything else.

A very nice color but a very fiddly polish, if you love the color enough to deal with the annoyances of endless drying times and lots of layering than go for it. Otherwise maybe give this one a miss

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