Saturday, 14 July 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear "Blue It"

This was my boyfriends first choice of color when i asked him to pick me out a nail polish and it turned out to be a pretty awesome one.

This is two coats (could get away with one) , it is very opaque and goes on very smoothly and self evens very well as well.It's a dark shimmery blue with a long almost flat brush that does the job pretty well but doesn't reach OPI heights of awesome.

Pretty sure this is always i ntheir standard collection so not too hard to find and i have even seen it a few times at Coles intheir shampoo/beauty stuff section. Highly recommend it. This is the best blue i own.

Long lasting, i went a week before changing my nail polish and didn't have any chipping (with a top coat)

The feature nail glitter is also Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic from their Gem Crush collection

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