Friday, 20 July 2012

Nailpolish Stash

I looked at my box of polishes today, and decided that it would be cool to count how many i had and take some photos to  share with you :)

So with now further adu i present my nail polish stash;

The reason my nail polish has grown in the last 5 months was the China Glaze  Hunger Games collection which sent me spinning into nail polish hording :)

China Glaze; Riveting, Stone Cold, Harvest Moon, Electrify, Smoke and Ashes, and Agro
Riveting is my favorite of these, its sucha beautiful unique color.

China Glaze; Re-fresh Mint, For Audrey, Secret Peri-wik-le, Meteor Shower, and Optical Illusion

I couldn't decide between Re-fresh mint and For Audrey, so i got them both. Bad Me.

OPI; Actually Black Onyx, Just Spotted the Lizard, Sparrow me the Drama, I Don't Give a Rotterdam, and Give me the Moon
 OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, Not like the Movies, DS Reflections, DS Radiance 

Now that i look at the photos side by side im almost 100% sure i mislabeled these, Black Onyx is on top and Lincoln Park after Dark is in the bottom photo. Sorry they look really alike in bottle.

BTW my version of Not Like the Movies is the proper duochrome!!! I previously owed the dud version but once i got this one i gave the old bottle to mum. But if anyone wants to see the two side by side just let me know!

Also I'm sad the OPI DS Range is no longer holographic : ( Their holo range predates my love of nail polishes.

Chi Chi; Doris Day, Choose Chi Chi, Before you Go Go, Boom Boom Boom, Relax Don't Do it and Jitterbug

Got this set as a gift, havent tried any of them yet, but i might try a skittle mani when it warms up a little :) Thie quite cute. But calling one of their own polishes "Choose Chi Chi" seems a little arrogant to me.

Essence; Grand-ple in black, Gold old Buffy, The Dawn is broke x2, and Hunt me if you Can

I think it's no secret that when it comes to Essence I'm a little obsessed, so here are my Vampire and one Ballerina nail polishes; among them my all time favorite polish; The Dawn is broken. Hence why it's the only polish i have which i have a back up of, i adore this color; it's edgy, different, not traditionally pretty but when you look closer it's absolutely gorgeous.

Essence; Back to the 50's, I'm a Martine Girl, Love me Tender, Love Peace and Purple, My best nude friends and me. Just the nude of us, Brightmates, and We are all Bright

Most of these i've shown before; the exception being Love Peace and Purple which i have tried to put on about 10 times and every time i finish a single nail i look at the color and hate it so i immediatley remove it. I really need to trey give it a better chance. Also i added "My best nude friends and me" to my collection of the extremes trend, i like it but not as much as "Just the Nude of Us".

Essence; Sparkling Water Lilly, Make it Golden, Fateful Desire, Better late then never, Meet me Now, Where is the Party, Absolutely Blue, Hard to Resist, Blue Addicted, and Galactic Black.

The essence permanents  that got me hooked by their cheap cheap price! I particularly love Better late then never and blue addicted. Meanwhile Make it golden is an awesome addition to any mani.

Revlon; Cherry Crush, Royal, Popular, Scandalous, and Electric

I'm never sure if i like the Revlon polishes; some are gorgeous and some are so vanilla i feel I've seen them everywhere before. My all time favorite from these is Popular it's a beautiful jelly sandwich in a bottle. (This color i have it on good authority used to be called Starry Pink which i think i kind of like better) In the same vein of though i've been searching for it's baby brother "Whimsical" but havent seen it anywhere. Does anyone know if this polish even made it down under?

Rimmel; Green with Envy, Red Carpet, and Princess Pink

Eh Rimmel polished don't really wow me. Their nice, good application and brush.

Sally Hansen; Pixel Pretty, Blu, Lady Luck, Showgirl
Chic, Blue it, and Antique Gold Crackle.
I've owned many Sally Hansen polishes in my life, until about 6 months ago i didn't really care. But i like their brand, it's very reliable quality and they usually do a nice mix of things and bring out something interesting every now and again. BTW i a) didn't know what a crackle coat was when i bought  this, b) i don't really care for the effect. Now that i see the gem the gem crushes seem to be separating a bit oddly in the bottle.

So why is it the most used?....geek moment; i and a friend painted a Dungeons and Dragons miniature with it.

Ulta3 Bewitched, Layla Turquois Wave, BYS In Da Club, BYS Magenta, and Miss Shop Edward Dare

I like magnetics but their formula generally seems to be very thick which is a little difficult to work with. Don't really like either of the BYS polishes probably won't repurchase any new polishes from that brand unless something really unique shows up, and the Miss Shop was a gift. The color on it is nice but the formula is very watery.

MODE Soho, Mode High Fashion, Faceshop Wh003, Pk103, Wh002, and Tickled Pink by Savvy
My most random polishes. The first two are my most recent purchases both picked out by my boyfried to match my new haircut ^^ The faceshop ones are quite good, i love the little glitter harts one and the PK103 is awesome to give shimmer to nay manicure as it's so incredibly sheer.

Color Club Fashion Addict,  Color Club Worth the Risque, Essie Lilacism, and Australis Speck-tacular Top Coat 
My first and (currently) only Holos!!!!!!!
I got them in the middle of winter and haven't had a chance to try them with any sort of reasonable sunny day though :(

My only essie is much treasured, i wore it for a week straight when i got it (only the dawn is broken has achieved the same status) yet i havent bought nay more essie, i think their brand is lovely and neutral but when i have the chance to buy a higher end polishes i try to get something more unique i guess.

BTW this top coat, if you like flakies is the bomb.

So let's count them shall we? 78? not bad for 6 months right?

Let me know if you would like to see a swatch or review for any of these :)


  1. Cool stash :) I was surprised to see how many of the same I have, something like 26.
    I'd love to see a Not Like the Movies comparison. I have no idea which version mine is or how to tell.

  2. One quick way to tell is to check the serial code on the bottom; the true duochrome has the code 10306AAV and the one without it is coded 11039AA6 (that seems to be the case 80% of the time). Besides that the non duochorme would be much more silvery.

    I'll borrow my older version from and do a comparison :) Hope you got the good one

    1. I have both versions too. I fell in love with the extra multichrome version and asked my Internet Mom to get me a large bottle for my birthday. Sadly the version I received was the less duochrome one. It has some colour shift but...

      I finally found a large bottle at a hair salon and paid the highest price I have paid for a polish, $20. I know that tends to be OPI retail price here in Australia but I don't like to spend that. It was worth it so I knew I was getting the right version rather than hoping an eBay seller had the right version on their listing.

    2. So frustrating isn't it, i wonder what other polishes OPI has done this with :/

  3. What a lovely collection!! :D

    1. Thanks it's uh totally ....not growing exponentially. Probably somewhere in the low 90's since i did this post. Someone should stop me :)

  4. A very tame amount of polish))) a great collection!