Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Review: Sukin Shampoo & Conditioner

Okay, big step: my first bad review

I was originally very eager to try this combination, having rarely to never started outside "regular" shampoo ( except for a couple of months using Lush's shampoo bars ) and tried very very hard to like this. I tried this, my mum tried this and my boyfriend tried this. None of us liked it.

Keeping in mind that this shampoo is different then your basic ones from the supermarket, it has a long list of uber friendly ingredients and then a longer list of evil chemicals it does not contain, looking at that list i was almost surprised there was anything in the bottle.

I was prepared for the fact it wasn't going to foam, that was fine, that was not the issue ( though mum and boyfriend were not very pleased with this aspect ) but what I did not like was that it did not really seem to get my hair clean, it gave me dreads! It did not feel clean and to get it to do anything requires a lot of product.

It' not all bad I really like the smell it's light and fruity, kind of a orange/ tangerine /kiwi scent which is quite lovely and sticks around for a few hours.

The product for me was fine when my hair was wet but the moment it dried it turned into dreds and felt "crunchy" like i had left the conditioner in. Now I wasn't sure what to do with this, it cost more then your average shampoo and throwing it out seemed kind of wasteful. So it found a new life: as my brush cleaning shampoo it seems to be gentle enough and without any of those nasty chemicals it seems to be quite good for them, indeed since brushes are quite small (compared to my head) so it even lathers up a bit.

For those wanting to try this; well I can't really recommend it, but e erodes hair is different for example my mother had the dreds happening too, but my boyfriend had lovely soft hair with no crunch (he mostly just didn't like the no foam) so it's by no means a 100% no go zone. It didn't work for me, it might work for you, and if it doesn't your brushes might like it.

Next the conditioner, much happier with this one. It's quite light and by no means a deep moisturizing conditioner but it has the same lovely scent I that the shampoo has but actually does it's job in addition to looking Percy. It's a similar beast to the shampoo but using it in combination with other shampoo ie. not Sukin ( in this case Dove and Herbal Essences) it works quite well and leaves your hair very soft and smelling great. This one is totally solid.

I don't think this shampoo is a good representation of the brand, I've tried both their moistures, hand cream and rose hip oil and all have been awesome. The rose hip oil especially so I hope this doesn't scare anyone away. Available at Priceline

Also whilst i was out and about i saw that the body shop had turned up their game in terms of their makeup department.

Now when i think body shop makeup is probably the last thing on my mind it terms of what i might look for, if i do go there it's for skincare products like hand creams, scrubs or before it was discontinued my lovely banna condition and still available shampoo. (which smell sweet and bannana-ie). But i can't honestly say I've ever more then glanced at their make up range. Probably my bad, but it just never looked all that inviting. Until now that is.

A little research reveals this as the Lily Cole Activist Limited Edition Collection  , now i don't know who that is, im guessing most people who walk through their doors don't know either. But if i was to judge her based on this collection alone i might assume she's a barbie. The packaging for everything is round and fluffly and pink.  The cheek and lip domes look very interesting, i don't know that i have ever seen a make up dome before?

The one that really grabbed my attention was the blush ...bomb? The pink round fluffy things in the centre of the picture.It looks just too pretty. But at a $44 price tag i don't think i'll be getting one anytime soon. for that money i could by two happy heart physician formulas blushes.

Please let me know how they are if you try them.


  1. lily cole isn't very big here. she's a model from the uk. it's meant to be cruel free makeup.

  2. Oh really.. that sucks. I have tried sukin shampoo and conditioner and I love mine, but having said that mine doesn't look the same as this. Mine doesn't say it's a protein one, so maybe they released a new one since then? And mine foams. Maybe a small bottle of the new one might be worth a try?