Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lust Have it September 2012

Back to the Makeup bags for Lust Have It. i guess? I don't really have anything else to do with these but um, i admit the silver once is nice. So just a quick run down this time around as most of the stuff mum took with her and i wont get my share for a few days.

  • Dermalogica PreCleanse - RRP $65.50 for 150mL (15ml sample)
  • Dermalogica Active Toner - RRP $51.00 for 250mL (30 ml sample)
  • Davroe Ultimatum Non Aerosol Hairspray - RRP $19.95 for 200mL (50ml sample)
  • Mirenesse "Protect Me" Tinted or Regular - RRP $69.00 for 18g (1g sample. not pictured)
  • Say It With Scent Lotion - RRP $26.80 for 200mL (30ml sample)

This is the first box from Lust Have it where really nothing has interested me that much, i associate dermatologica with skin issues and so they seem like kind of a heavy product to include but I'm sure it will be a nice test anyway. Body lotions, meh. Plus the Miranese "ProtectMe"...face primer or something isn't really for younger skin and I'm not 100% on what it does. Sorry about lack of pic i didn't realize it wasn't included till the bx was out of my hands. Overall it seems okay, nothing special. They seem really anti-makeup in recent "boxes" and id like something closer to the first box i got which was in July with a lush soap and nail polish included.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Review: St George by A England

It's not everyday I'm willing to go outside to swatch a nail polish, but this nail polish deserved the special treatment i must say.  Welcome to Saint George from the British A England company and suffice to say it's drop dead gorgeous and not my new favorite nail polish of all time. It's just so very pretty.

I had to just show you guys, when i first saw swatches of this on line my heart skipped a beat and now it's mine, all mine (Muhahahaha). Ehem, but yes the sheer depth of this color is just astounding i have not seen a color that even comes close to this. With it's deep green/teal color and scattered holographic effect. Perfect

The formula on this was a little thicker then i expect ( i also ordered tristam, which wasn't comparably quite thin) and was slightly problematic in application in that i had an overly thick coat on one nail which took a bit longer to dry then the rest but all in all it was damn close to perfect anyway. Basically one coater, but i added a second coat just to even it out to that one silly nail.

I love it, how can you not love this color? 

Note: A England does free shipping? Did you know that? I didn't know that. I do now.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Lush Brazed Honey Mask

Brazened Honey is one of Lush's Fresh Face Masks, meaning they have a short lifespan and therefore are not available online but must be purchased in store. (This seems not the be the case in the UK however).

I love face masks, i think they are a lovely treat after a tiring day. Half the time i don't mind so much when they don't do a whole lot (see Palmer's Mask Review) so it's always a treat when they do work and feel great afterwards, rather then just being a little time out of your day.

Brazed Honey is obviously not the most attractive thing in the world, in fact i would say it's downright ugly. But like much an ugly duckling it turns into a beauty when you actually use it.

So first things first, if you are unfamiliar with the fresh masks they have a 3-4 week lifespan and should be kept in the fridge. This is because they are made fresh in store and without preservatives so they don't stay fresh forever. This does however mean that they feel very refreshing when you put them on (since they live in the fridge).  Great in Spring and Summer but a little painful in Autumn or Winter.

This mask in particular is very textured, very thick with lots of stuff in it, including ground almond for exfoliation.  It doesn't go on particularly smooth due to this so you have to work a little muscle to get it to apply all over with even coverage. So what sort of mask is this? Primarily a detox mask and secondarily a exfoliation mask to be used when your world's gone a little haywire and your skin is feeling run down or you just need a boost.

It certainly smells like a detox, or maybe more like the morning when you need one. It's a very strong smell and some people will either hate it or find it's too strong for them, personally i don't really enjoy it but i only really smell it when im putting it on and not once it's already on, it certainly doesn't leave any trace fragrance when it's washed off. 

One Use

Does it work? It worked for me but when i used it my skin wasn't in horrible condition i just wanted a bit of a lift which i find it provided, it slightly brightened and tightened my skin without leaving it dry, it felt very smooth actually, almost velvety. It caused no irritation and perhaps the biggest benefit is that my skin actually felt better, fresher and more comfortable. So yes i would repurchase and use again. In fact I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to try it with me :)

Have you tried the fresh face masks? Which is your favorite?

Friday, 21 September 2012

Review: Haus of Gloi (Autumn)

It Started with a Bubbling Scrub....

Ah, i never expected to fall in love with Haus of Gloi like i have; it was a funny little company with strange products that i had heard of only from strangers on the Internet. I should have known better, it was the same when i first walked past a Lush store and found my nose to be thoroughly intrigued.

By this point i can tell this might become a full blown addiction, made only worse by their season released, looking at their Autumn stock it's already difficult not to picture their Yule stuff not far away, and where does it end after that? Spring! Summer! Valentines Day releases! Goodbye money.

So, as promised I'm reviewing the items i showed off in this post.

Starting with the biggest item i received;

Ghost Puffs (Pumpkin Butter) (Autumn) :  Wow, what to say about this, besides the fact that it has  a crazy level of Yum. HoG descirbes the product as "Buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo orbs, presented on a wooden stick." Which is pretty accurate; it's a very rich and creamy scent, the Marshmallow is probably the strongest part of this but it melts away to a buttery warmth which is incredibly yummy.

Since getting this my boyfriend has threatened to try putting it on his morning toast. It really does smell like that sort of food; kind of reminds me of Marshmallow sandwich spread. It's lovely overall, maybe a little heavy for some and very obviously a "dessert/food" scent. Smelling it reminds me of carnivals or bonfires.

If you have read "The Night Circus" by  Erin Morgenstern then you'll understand that that's what it smells like, like the Night Circus. Otherwise carnival and bonfire will have to suffice.

As for the pumpkin butter part; it's incredibly smooth and soft, thick almost like a body butter but not quite reaching that heaviness. It is quite light and absorbs quicker then any body butter I've ever tried, probably about a minute or so and no longer "oily/buttery" after about 5 which is pretty perfect for me, as i personally hate sitting there all buttered up not being able to touch anything.

Having said that it's absolutely not greasy or "oily" but it is very rich despite being so light. I would recommend using this maybe twice a week max as i think it might be a little too rich for everyday use. I've has a few tiny breakouts the one time i used this 4 days in a row, but no issues if i take break between the applications.

Pumpkin Queen (Sugar Exfoliant) (Autumn) : This one is described as "Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber."
I find this one very hard to describe, I'm tempted to just say that that description is right on and just move on, but i don't feel like it gives you the right feeling of what to expect. It sounds almost cluttered with scents and flavors which is why i had to try it, that and it being their signature Autumn scent.

I'm going to try describe this scent but i suspect i will fail utterly so bear with me here; it smells warm and very very softly of peach or maybe even apricots. Sort of like cinnamon but without the high burnt notes; I'm not familiar enough with the scent of pumpkin to say if it's that smell or not. It does however smell...comforting, like your grandma's kitchen on a Christmas morning.

Indeed despite being the signature Autumn scent this feels christmassy to me, but i guess to people it America it would smell more Thanksgiving. It's familiar but not i any way i can immediately place; just makes me think of home, family, lots of food, comfort and safety.  It's quite odd, initially when i smelled this i wasn't sure if i liked it but it certainly has grown on me, not sure if i would wear it as a perfume, it's a little too foody for that, i don't mind desert or fruit smells in my perfume so maybe this is just a little too savory for me despite a definite hint of sweetness, confusing i know. This would probably make an awesome house smell though.

Sugar exfoliant is pretty good, my boyfirend likes it better then the bubbly scrubs and it does more on his tough skin then for me, i don't think its crazy abrasive but i think i personally prefer the softer bubbling scrubs. These however don't leave any residue behind, just take a little more effort to get going.

It is somewhat harder compared to the rest of these products and takes a little effort to get it out of the tub but it's still superior in that regard to other sugar scrubs I've trief that have been way to harsh on skin and have felt nothing short of painful.

Troika (Soft Bubbling Scrub) (Standard) : "A trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white." Had i read this correct i might not have purchased it, you see, i read this as a combination of milk, almonds, oats, and coconut not  as almond milk, oat milk and coconut milk, silly me.

However, despite this lack of obvious allure, i do like this one and i even know how to describe the scent!  (Coming after the Pumpkin Queen scent this makes my brain happy) It smells like Marzipan. It's sweet and almond-y, so that's clearly the strongest note in this. It is clean and comfortable, kind of like the comfortable you get from taking your clothes out of the drier. Clean and comfortable but with a slight cool, bordering on minty note. The almond isn't disturbingly strong either, its very muted and candy-ish.

It's in fact quite lovely, but a world away from the previous two scents and all in all i really do prefer a sweeter scent but if i could have this as a desert or fabric softer i would never use anything again as it has just the perfect mix of clean and flavored scent that i think would make all your clothes smell delicious. Having written that it almost makes me think of something powdery like fabric cleaner or oat meal although the product itself isn't powdery whatsoever so i guess that  must be part of the scent combination.

Bubbling Scrubs are (previously reviewed here) the bomb, a great whole body exfoliator and so soft it doesn't hurt a wink but does a wonderful job.

I've even has a good deal of success using this on my face specifically around my nose area and have find it far more gentle then many face-specific exfoliators. No residue, lovely finish and no fuss, a winner.

Imp (Body Emulsion) (Standard) :  I've been so enamored with Ghost Puff's ,I've sadly ignored this product a little bit, and it doesn't really deserve it as it's very nice and quite fruity without being overwhelming. "This little fellow longs to be your bath time companion! Peculiar passion fruit mingling with sun cured apricots, perfectly pink grapefruit juice and innocent whispers of wet mimosa blooms" The grapefruit high notes and the passion fruit are the most clear scents that i can read from this. It reminds me a little of a jam that's how strong the fruit scents are and looking at it I'm surprised not to see bits of grapefruit in the perfectly white creme. 

Unlike Ghost Puffs this one isn't heavy at all, very light and fruity and the same goes for the composition. Compared to the Pumpkin butter it's very light, this would be the everyday moisturizer and if your not into putting something as heavy as a body butter on your skin. I haven't tried it on my face so i can't comment as to whether i could be used there but it certainly seems gentle enough and in a scent less dominant i would happily do so, Troika in fact would be quite nice as a face moisturizer.  It seems to absorb well, pretty standard in terms of most similar products but does feel a bit more luxurious and i would happily repurchase. (maybe in ghost puffs!)

Carmel Apple (lip balm) (Autumn) :  This scent is a bombshell "Sweet warm caramel and tart apple" is supposed to be the description and it hits hard. I can smell it even when the lid is closed. Incredibly rich scent and the apple is deep in there, it does indeed smell like a caramel apple but it's a bit dark and edgy. Not sure why, but, this doesn't bring up the warm carnival attitude i got from Ghost Puffs, this is more early autumn sunsets and fireplaces. The caramel isn't overly sweet but it is almost a slightly burnt caramel scent. I like it and i also don't, it's just incredibly in your face and i almost feel like it's too much , too heavy and too rich all at once, Not to mention the scent sticks around for a while so its not always a pleasure to deal with.

Spun Sugar (lip balm) (Autumn) :  Ah, another scent i can describe easily. Not because it's not complex but because the answer came to me while i was trying to get to sleep last night. Spun sugar as the name should have made clear to my sleep deprived brain is, in more colloquial terms Candy Floss! (or Fairy Floss as it's often referred to here is Australia). It's soft and sweet and terribly delicate, nowhere near approaching the punch in the face headiness of Carmel Apple. I want o buy 10 more of this just to have it never run out.

Maybe this is why Carmel Apple seems to strong because this is quite delicate but still clearly scented. It's beautifully blended and without flavor so you can  get a nice sugar hit without it going straight to your hips. mm mm the blend is lovely too, it's not too soft and not too hard, hard enough not to melt and get squished against your lips and soft enough to go on smoothly without catching. Can;t fault the formula, this one is just right, a perfect lip balm for Goldilocks in that regard. 

Overall everything from the Autumn collection is slightly carnival-themed, an interesting choice that i initially didn't quite notice.

Here's a quick swatch to give you  a better idea of the textures of each of these.

Note; As I've been writing this i've been hitting the refresh button on Haus of Gloi every few minutes hoping their Whipped Soaps will be up soon, should be out some time today and i am going to get me some!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Review: NYX Matte Creams/ Essence Rebel Matte Creams

About two weeks ago i became enamored with the NYX matte lip creams and decided to purchase some from CrushCosmetics. (win) So for about a week after i got them  i was totally in love and then Essence released their "Rebels Collection" which basically featured the same sort of  product. (boo!)

So a comparison post seemed impossible to avoid.

So let's start with the base facts;

Essence $3.50 each vs NYX $10.95 (+ Shipping)
Essence has a little bit more product inside.
Essence has 2 color choices, NYX has 11
Essence is available for around a month give or take, NYX is available all year round
Both are vanilla scented
Both have a doe foot applicator

Overall it depends what sort of product you're after.

Milan | Stockholm | Antwerp

I was originally attracted to these as they reminded me of a product i used a few years ago, the Bourjois So Delicate Lip Creams which were also matte.

These were a great favorite of mine, they were matte so they were fairly easy to use for most occasions, they lasted ages and did not dry out my lips. Sadly they were discontinued and their nail polish line adopted a similar packaging, trying to be tricksy.

San Paulo
Hence the decision to try the NYX variant, though the color i was originally after (San Paulo) was out of stock at the time, so i ended up getting 3 simmiliar-ish ones that also looked good;

Milan | Stockholm | Antwerp (web swatches)

The formula on these was very creamy; kind of like if you combined a lipstick with a gloss. Creamy but textured and slightly on the thick side but this means the pigment spreads very evenly across your lips and doesn't leave any bold spots. Once applied these dry quite quickly and will last for hours without needed a huge effort from you to make sure it looks good. Once it's dry you can even put a clear balm or gloss over it if matte is not what your feeling at the time.

Unlike the Burjois which i loved these will dry out your lips a bit, usually after about an hour, but this can be fixed with a lip balm underneath/on top or a reapplication. The colors i have do sit nicely on the lips and don't creep into lip lined like i know the very lightest shade of these is known to do. (Tokyo)

They do smell a little like vanilla, but although i don't mind it i feel like it's a synthetic sort of vanilla scent that might not sit well with some people. 

Mauve like a Rock Star | Rebels Delight
The Essence products on the other hand are limited time engagements; though to be honest if i had been aware of this collection when i made my crush order i might have reconsidered. These colors are a little more subtle, but i feel with a matte look that is a bit easier to work with.

The formula on these is a little bit heavier then the NYX, but also much creamier and less likely to separate and become water. (I've noticed that Antwerp is a bit liquid compared to the two other NYX's, while both the Essence are perfect). 

These also smell like vanilla but it's less noticeable and is a more pleasant vanilla smell, not quite so cosmetic. These last a bit better and feel more comfortable on the lips; what i mean to say is they feel lighter and are less noticeable that your wearing it. I usually forget i have it on. They don't however stain as well, once they fade away they are gone while the NYX leaves your lips tinted long afterwards. This one also dries out your lips but not as noticeably as the NYX.

In the end i love both; if push came to shove i would probably choose the Essence but i love the colors that NYX offers and in the end they are basically the same product save a few very minor differences. If you just want to try a matte cream then try the Essence as for $3.50 it won't put a huge dent into your bank account and you can figure out if you like the finish or not. 

One annoying thing is that the web swatches for NYX (posted above) are not very true to color and all sort of look the same so if your going to try these out then look at lots of different reviews to figure out which color you like.

Have you tried any matte lip creams?

P.S. If i don't come back it;s because my life was stolen away by this game;

Monday, 17 September 2012

Skincare Haul Haus of Gloi and Lush

Since my small foray into Haus of Gloi I've been following their we site and lusting after their fall or "Autumn" collection and couldn't stop myself trying out more stuff and sitting next to my boyfriend looking up info on the products followed by loud squealing sounds of want and delight.

 This was going to be all Haus of Gloi but then my Lush order turned up the same day but Haus of Gloi is where it's at. Photos go!

I decided to try one of each of their typed products; sugar scrub, bubbling scrub, body emulsion, pumpkin butter and two lip balms. They all smell lovely and the pumpkin butter in Ghost Puffs( yay full size) is so much more then i ever imagined. I'll be purchasing this in another form very soon. All these products are incredibly rich in smell and texture and are simply an indulgence to use.

Lastly my Rose Jam body wash came in! It's on line only for a limited time and the best of all? It smells like Ro's Argan Body Conditioner! You may recall i raved about the scent of the conditioner here and now there's more of it! Plus it's less expensive then the body conditioner! Remember it's limited time!

The other item was the Cherry Tree soap from the online stores "retro" collection, i have a thing for cherries and though i would give it a shot, it smells very nice kind of like citrus mixed with cherries but isn't as gentle as most of their newer soaps.

Reviews will surely be coming soon :) One I'm done rolling around on top of all this stuff like my very own personal dragon hoard.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Inexpensive Blush Off

Presenting the Blush off :) I thought this would be more fun then doing these each on their own/ plus this gives a chance to see how they compare to each other. So without further clutter here are the contestants;

1. Essence 02 Beauty on Tour Lip and Cheek Tint - I mentioned this in my previous post as my "go to" blush for everyday wear. This is for several reasons the biggest of all which is longevity. It last 5+ hours and then fades away very clean without any marks or splotches. 

The color is a lovely coral pink so it's quite a natural shade; it blends out extremely easy and can be layer like a dream for more or less brightness. It might seem mega bright when it first goes on but a little blending is all that's needed as it really isn't that strong (unless you want it to be). Since it's a cream i recommend layering it over powder so it has something to hold on to as it doesn't have the same lasting power on bare skin or just foundation.  It makes a decent lip tint but not that special in my opinion. Cost: $3.50

Note: for some reason no matter how much i use this it always self evens out hence why it looks untouched in the photos.

2. Essence Blush SoufflĂ© in Prima Ballerina -  Another Essence blush, this was from the Ballerina collection and is similar to Maybeline dream blushes.  This blush is probably the most natural looking one i own. The pink is very subtle and slightly dusky, plus it mixes with your own chemistry very easily and just looks like a very real and natural glow to your cheeks. 

Due to this i tend to use it for more subtle occasions; interviews or formal events at school. It doesn't have the same staying power as the cheek/lip tint above but it feels much lighter and looks much more real. Price $3.50

3. Burjois in Lune D'or - This is my 3rd Burjois blush, and this shade is  the NARS "Orgasm" dupe although i think this one probably came first though i haven't actually looked into it. It's a gorgeous shade; when you can get it out of the container. It's very sheer and thus i usually tend to scrape the top a bit to make it more powdery as otherwise it takes too long to apply but the color pay off is very much worth it. This blush when applies properly looks like glows.

Though it takes a  bit more work this blush is great for travel and for special occasions; it's also quite nice in the mornings if you need a bit of a lift because the rose scent in the product is soft and pretty. If you can deal with sheerness in the product and the fact it requires a little effort to get going then this product is great. Lasting power is very average.  Price $20

4. DB Pink Blush 593 - I bought this blush at the start of the year and for a while it was my go to blush due to the fact it kind of looks like your not actually wearing blush. The color is very dusky and warm, it gives the sort of look that your cheeks are just warm not that your actually blushing.
 Like maybe you've been in the sun for a bit. It kind of sits the line between a bronzer and a blush really. It's a good color but the product itself has a lot of fallout which depending on how applies isn't a bad thing. Lasting power is about 4 hours and it fades very evenly. A fair product for a subtle look. Price $8.99

5. Physician's Formula Flawless Complexion Mineral Blush in Rose Glow - i did a bit of a review on this when i first got it. It's a nice blush and super pigmented; too pigmented in my opinion. I like the dark plum color but find it hard to use; it doesn't like blending out well and is prone to leaving streaks from where i try to blend it out; fingers works a bit better then a brush which does nothing but even that doesn't achieve a nice look. I'm not sure how much it is on it's own but the kit i got it in was $29.00 and included a foundation powder and "mineral veil". Still not sure how it's different from powder?

The color is great and will lasts ages if you can manage to spread it and blend it out,  I would say skip it, you can find a much more useful and pretty blush elsewhere.

Swatch time; As you can see the Essence Beauty on tour is crazy thick and bright when it goes on but blends out to a pretty pale coral, the soufflĂ© is a bit harder to work with but is a nice subtle pink. The Burjois is lovely and if you can find a way to make it work well is the pretties color with lovley shimmer. The DB is closer to bronzer then blush almost but is a nice yellow toned coral blush with good color pay off. Lastly the PF, the swatch as you can see if crazy bright and that's just one swipe. Hard to blend and use but the color, admittedly, is quite pretty. 

What's your go to blush?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Cost of My Face

Spotted this interesting Post over at MS.Beauty and though it would a interesting idea to see my own tally :) It seems like fun :)

Foundation - Garnier BB Cream - Oil Free SPF 15  $13.99
Powder - Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Airbrushing Pressed Powder $29.95
Blush - Essence "Ready for Boarding" Lip and Cheek Cream in 02 beauty on tour $3.50

Base - Essence I Love the Stage eyeshadow base $3.50
Eyeshadow - Lush "Sophisticated" $24.97
Mascara - Lush "Eyes Right" Mascara $19.90

Revlon "Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains" $10.00 ( i got mine online)
Total: $105.81

 Overall not as bad as i thought it would be, these are my staples and basics. If i want a diffrent look these of course might vary but this is my standard everyday, get to school don't have a huge amount of time look. These products as such as choosen for theirstaying power above all else

How did you do?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Essence "Rebels" Edition Preview

So as anyone who even briefly looks over this blog will know I'm a pretty big Essence fan; for reasons ive mentioned a million times before but to sum it up here are my reasons; inexpensive, quality and above all creative. This trend editions are something i always look forward to, so i thought from now on i would put up these little previews when they get released.

Todays new edition is the "Rebels" collection (only at Priceline) and includes; 

  • 01 punk royal "Spiderlash" Mascara
  • 01 mauve like a rockstar /02 rebel delight Matte Lip Gloss
  • 01 peach punk Cheek and Lip Tint.
  • 01 mauve like a rockstar/02 rebel delight/03 peach punk /04 rebelizer Latex nail polishes (ie.s suede/matte)
  • 01 punk royal "Rock" Top Coat (matte black glitter suspended in a sheer dark tinted base)
So as this collection went up yesterday i was in a hurry this afternoon after school to see if i could it find it, and there it was, an untouched collection sitting just waiting for me.

My initial interest was in the two mat lip glosses and the mauve nail polish and top coat, however as evident i also picked up the green/yello polish as in person it was far more intriguing then on any photos i had seen. If i didn't already have the lip and cheek tint from the Boarding edition i might have also picked up the one from this edition. Might do so later if i still see it around but it's not calling to me yet. Though the other lip/cheek tint works like a dream so if you didn't find that one then this might be a good substitute.

Proper reviews will go up as time and interest allow; however i wore the mauve all the way home and i can say it's lovely both in color and lasting strength. I recently purchased some Nyx matte lip creams and would say this is just as good if not possibly better.

Looking forward to the Snow White and Fruity collections coming up! (Sadly Australia appears to not be getting the Wild Craft collection. Boo)

How about you, find anything interesting in this collection?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: Michel Mercier Detangling Brush

This is, i believe, my first venture into hair care; an area I'm nearly complete inept in. I mean besides washing and conditioning and actually brushing my hair, there isn't a lot that gets done to it. Since i colored the front of my hair pink about 2 months ago it's become a little disobedient.  Where previously it didn't really take a huge amount of work, it now seems to leave my scalp super dry and tends to get knotted up more then it used when it was longer (weird).

So for my first venture (unless you count buying a ton of tea tree oil to deal with the dry scalp issue) into actual hair care i purchased this Detangling brush; my other hair brush while good has very sharp bristles and sometimes i just can't face using it, especially now that my scalp is more sensitive.

This is, as you may already be familiar with; the Michel Mercier Detangling brush (for fine hair)

The pink brush that i have is for fine hair but there's a green for normal hair, and a blue for frizzy or curly or afro-y hair. So you should be able to find one suitable for your needs if your looking into getting a new brush for your mop. 

The idea behind this particular brush is that there are several sets of bristles; some higher and some lower which is supposed to help it glide through your hair, detangle, and above all do so without catching and causing any pain. I imagine this would be a perfect brush to use on little kids; i remember screaming my head of when i was younger and mum would try brush my hair, this brush could have saved a great deal of tears.

With this product i haven't needed to use anything other then this brush to de-tangle my mop, no water or conditioner or detangling spray. It does all the work through the mystery of varying sized bristles. It's wide handles so easy to hold but not as easy to grip if your hands are wet. It's the average size for a brush so it won't take up any extra space and it looks bright and cute.

So does it achieve it;s purpose? Yup, it de-tangles and it doesn't hurt. It's not a miracle product to make your hair shiny and obedient overnight but for what it claims to do it succeeds, The brush is a touch unwieldy but so long as you dry your hands first it should cause no issues. I would say unless you have specific issues with pain while brushing your hair or massive tangling then this brush is not really necessary, otherwise it's does a good job as sorting out those issues.

Have you tried these?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Review: Pirouette My Whistle

Some of you may recall i received "Pirouette My Whistle" for my birthday last month, so i felt it was about time to show it off. 

It makes a gorgeous top coat more then a nail polish to be used on it's own. It consists of a pale silver tiny glitter mixed in with larger hexagonal silver glitters. When you put it on top of another polish it provides a faint milky sheer cover so it's a nice way to pale out a bright color and make it that tiny bit more feminine and soft. It also works quite nicely for jelly sandwich manicures.

It's from the New York City ballet collection released early this year; the whole collection is very pretty and girly; soft sheer colors. The formula on this was very good and smooth, the larger glitter is dispersed a bit randomly but it's very workable.