Monday, 16 July 2012

Review Just Spotted the Lizard

I currently own 10 bottles of OPI nail polish, and i have loved each and everyone. So i would like to share with you my newest one: Just Spotted the Lizard from the Amazing Spider-man Collection.

This collection was a big surprise to me, but my mind had first been blown by nail polish back in March when i saw the China Glaze Hunger Games collection. Using  awesome books or geeky comics as inspiration is something i can totally get behind.  Plus truth be told that, that perticulart China Glaze collection is a big reason why this blog exists.

I spent days looking at swatches, reading the books, saw the movie twice and kept coming back to those nail polishes. I'm happy to say they are now mine (the 5 or so i wanted plus 1 dupe) and i feel like i will probably show those off at some point as i haven't seen them much on Australian blogs, not surprising (but frustrating) at China Glaze is basically invisible here.

Moving on, OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard:

It looks gorgeous in the bottle!

This is my second time paying full price for an OPI (21.00AUD) and yeah i feel bad, i could have gotten three products on line for that. But it was kind of insta-purchase, saw it, wasn't expecting to see the collection yet, walked around the display for half an hour admiring it and then caved. I couldn't leave without one.

But so shiny on the nail!

Insane prices aside this is a wonderful, beautiful color. When i first get a nail polish i try it out and sometimes wont wear it for weeks afterwards till i remember about it and go "ooohh i love this  why am i not wearing it right now". But this one has stayed on my desk and not gone into the nail polish box (well OPI and china glaze live in the fridge because their my higher end polishes but that;s not really important).

This polish is gorgeous in every way, it goes on smooth as butter, the layers are thin but not really transparent so two thin layers do the job very nicely. The duo-chrome effect is very present and obvious unlike in many polishes. Overall i would describe the color as golden-green chrome with  some blue or maybe teal with a metallic but not streaky finish..

To show off just how glowy and shiny it is check out this picture taken with the flash on; complete shimmer!

Love the application and the OPI brush is as far as i can tell the holy grail of nail polish brushes so i have no complaints there either, it's lovely in every way and i can't recommend it highly enough.  

Also this is a dupe of Channel Peridot but as they are even more expensive i suggest the OPI version anyway, brush not withstanding.


  1. Love this polish! I wish China Glaze was more common here, I like them more than OPI, but so hard to find!

    1. I agree, I feel like their much more creative with their colors and finishes. Thanks so much for the comment it totally made my day, i love your blog :)