Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jelly Sandwhich anyone?

Yesterday i had a pretty chaotic day dealing with banks and Transperth both of which really wanted my money, so i was feeling a little overwhelmed by it all and to cheer myself picked up two new polishes; "Whisper" from the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect line and a glittery purple thing from Savvy (it calls itself "Purple Viking").

So when i finally got home i wanted to try these out together and i thought what better way then to attempt my very first glitter/jelly sandwich as whisper (actually the entire line) are incredibly sheer and require 3+ coats to build up opacity. however some experimentation proved that my glitter polish was much too fine and got too easily overwhelmed by Whisper. So i started again on that particular trail nail and picked a different glitter polish to try.

My nameless Faceshop polish of glitter and pink love hearts, which worked a treat.

I love the color and finish of Whisper but i can't really recommended, i fell in love with the color knowing full well that the formula on this range is quite atrocious; anywhere from super thin and drippy to globby and sticky; as well as taking ages to dry.

So I'm quite happy with my first jelly sandwich, a little happy to be back at school. 

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