Thursday, 25 September 2014

Review: body Shop New Scent Handcream in Grapefruit

image cutesy of body shop

A few weeks ago I wondered into the Body Shop to find that they had not only recently permanently dropped their prices (awesome) but was also sporting some new scented hand creams and though it took me a few days hunting to locate the scent I wanted (it was sold out everywhere!) i eventually found this baby in the city store. That is the pink grapefruit scented hand cream, which smells amazing!

Each tube is 30ml and it comes in several scents including coconut, strawberry, mango, honey, and more and come in at $9.95. In terms of formula these are much more gel then actual creams which makes them very lightweight and super fast at absorption. I tend to keep this near my computer because it absorbs quick enough that I can watch an youtube and and put this on but by the time the video loads my hands are all good to put back on the keyboard without leaving grease stains. 

The scent is strong when you first put it on but it's not so strong that you will taste it if you put your hands near your mouth or  put something into your mouth after putting it on. Each hand cream contains cold pressed oil of whatever scent the hand cream is, in this case grapefruit seed oil and shea butter.

I'm not a huge fan of hand creams but this one is quick enough at absorption that it doesn't interrupt my life and it smells amazing. Big Fan

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