Monday, 12 November 2012

Review: Watsons BB Collagen Cream

Today, something a little different. This is Watson's Collagen BB Cream which Mum picked up for me when she was over in Singapore earlier this year and it;s taken me a while to figure out my opinion on this product. But with the advent of warmer days an opinion has solidified and is ready for your consumption. 

I don't know a huge amount about the back story of this product so here is what i do know; It seems to retail for around $20 AUD and you can find it pretty easy on ebay but i have not been able to find local retailers for it. 

and.... here is an English description i found for it:

"Watson both natural collagen multi-effect BB cream skin care, isolation, Cover the three functions. Small deep-sea fish collagen molecules containing activity, instant supplement for skin collagen, helps to increase skin elasticity and compaction. Tie in with the natural plant oil such as jojoba oil moisturizing ingredients, not Pan-oily makeup skin after long time. Effective protection of the skin at the same time render bright stereo nude natural makeup effects. \”Natural color\” for colour white to colour moderate crowd. After the skin clean and basic nursing, smear BB cream, on cheeks, forehead, nose, Chin back on both sides, down the skin texture from inside to outside lay open to the entire face and neck (recommends don\’t ring once), and then gently flapping, making BB cream and skin more fitting.

Measuring effectiveness: cream-like texture while absorbed slowly, to stain level of Cover is not very satisfactory, but on the pores of the shelter is still pretty good, waterproof and oil is also very good, and better improve skin color and skin, so that the skin becomes even rich luster, natural, skin becomes smooth and delicate. Instant water capacity was also praised."  source

It goes on a bit tough which is why i am only now doing the review for it, it has now that ts warmed up a little become much much easier to use. It's medium/light coverage with a dewy finish as you can see above. I have quite fallen in love with it, it has a faint smell that i find quite pleasant; a sort of sweet mix of sun screen and baby powder. 

It's quite a different creature to the Garnier BB creams i usually use and this i like a little better now that's its warmer as it sits quite lightly and i don't really notice it. A little setting powder and it stays on all though my school day. Even without setting powder it has pretty good staying powder and keep that nice luminous look to it.

If this was a little easier to purchase i would totally do so, however i think i ill try some other ones to see if there is a perfect bb cream out there. If not this is a good one, if you can get it.

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