Thursday, 11 April 2013

Priceline Beauty Bag 2013 Haul

(see catalogue here)
It's been a while since I did a haul post but I know a lot of people have been curious about the current Beauty Bag that went on sale today at Priceline, so I though I would do a bit of a haul post as well as list some of the items included so people can make a better choice if they want to pick it up.
Now the deal is that you spend $60 on selected brands, in this case Rimmel, Revlon, Models Prefer, Nude, Manicare, Burjois, Kiss, Natio, Australis, EcoTools, Sally Hansen and Savvy. Not the biggest range but decent, especially if you have a few things you might need to pick up anyway. In return you will receive a bag full of stuff worth $220 (supposedly) in value, almost entirely consisting of full size items from those ranges themselves.
So let me note that when I pick up the Priceline beauty bag, for the past 3 years (I picked up the skincare beauty bag before I was ever really "into" makeup) I usually split it with a friend or in this case my mum. We have both similar tastes but different needs so it's fairly easy to split it up between us and means no one goes home with something they really don't like. For this reason not all the items from the bag will appear in the photos because mum already took them home, but I will list them anyway.
I also want to point out that at the moment Priceline has a lot of sales specifically on Revlon, Rimmel , Nivea and Burjois. (The Burjois lipsticks which are usually $21 are currently all $10)
So, to qualify for the $60 buy in, mum and I purchased the following items;
Burjois "Vert Peptite 55" Metallic Eyeliner Teal (mine) $16
Burjois "Bleu Cinquant 54" Metallic Eyeliner in Blue (mums) $16
Models Prefer Eye shadow Quad in Grand Finale (mine) $4.99 (huh, just notice it was cheaper then listed on the floor where it said $10)
Models Prefer Bronzer & Illuminator Quad (mums) $10
Models Prefer Mystic Smudge Brush $14.99
As you can see I also picked up the Nivea Pure and Natural Toner (on special for $5.99 down from $10)
With these purchases we qualified for the BeautyBag but also for the Burjois (Spend $20) gift :) Muhahah
The Burjois gift included a Burjois blush in D'or (but this may vary), a kabuki brush and a small mirror.
The Beauty Bag on the other hand included; (there may be variations in color in individual bags)
Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail polish (in Midnight in NY)
Revlon Lip Butter (in Sweet Tart)
Natio Lipstick (in Flutter)
EcoToolsShower Puff
Models Prefer Brow Highlighter (what?)
Manicare Cuticle Therapy Oil
Rimmel Wake Me Up Primer (not full size like pictured on the promo)
Australis Pepperatzi Perfect Concealer
Kiss Stick on Nails(in French Manicure)
Press & Go Glue on Nails (in Red)
Burjois MAXI Mascara
Nude Mineral Airbrush Primer
Savvy Facial Wipes
For some people this will be worth it, others not so much, but I hope this helps a little.
 The Beauty Bag sale will run from Thursday 11th April - Monday 22nd April 2013


  1. Hi, is the $20 bourjois gift available in every priceline store that has a boujois counter? Thanks

    1. I've been to three different Pricelines the past few days (Joondalup, Whitfords and Carillion in Perth) and each of them stocked the gift, Whitfords was running a little low so it may just depened on how much stock is left since the Burjois offer was running before the Beauty Bag sale

    2. I cant find it in Sydney priceline. so sad.;(

    3. hmm maybe try asking on Priceline's facebook page for which stores have received stock or might be getting more in, the first batch usually sells out super fast. hope you can find it :)