Friday, 3 May 2013

Review: OPI Liquid Sands Stay the Night

Look how pretty that bottle is! That's why i picked this up you know, the bottle. I didn't care about the finish, i was just mesmerized by all the dark red glitter floating around in the darkness. It makes me think of magic. Plus i really hadn't felt any attraction to the liquid sands until i saw this, honestly i thought they looked a bit icky and i was pretty sure the texture wasn't for me. I'm glad i saw this color as it helped me branch out a little and try something new.

Turns out i don't actually hate the texture, but i do think it is one you need to see in person to decide if you like it. It's one that makes the glitter stand out much more so then a glossy nail polish  but yes, personal discretion  required. However the texture doesn't bother me when it's on my hands, i was initially worried it would be rough and catch on clothes and things however it's actually a bit soft and not rough against the touch.

Application was a breeze, two coats which actually go on smooth and then after about 40 seconds change texture and roughed up into the gritty sand like texture that is the end result. It also has pretty great staying power compared to regular creams or glitters, i got 5 days wear out of it with only slight wear on the tips and no chipping. I hope this is something the others in this collections can repeat.

I would be interested in trying a few more though probably not the light pinks and blues, however the white shade "Solitaire" from the Bond girls collections is quite intriguing. Have you tried any of the liquid sands?

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