Friday, 24 May 2013

FFS Friday - Slow Internet Edition

So I've spent the past three hours trying to get this post up - ffs

After working brilliantly for the past week, last night when i was being super productive and actually trying to send some work to someone the net slowed down, as in so slow it couldn't even load Facebook or Google - ffs

I figured it would better in the morning, it wasn't - ffs

So my partner called our provider (vivd) at 2 pm because he really needed to submit some homework to Uni and so really needed the net to work. He has to leave for work at 3 pm. He was still on the phone at that time so i had to take over the conversation in the middle of everything - ffs

It took a further 45 minutes to upload seven, 6kb (absolutely tiny files) notepad files and email them off to vivid so they could "analyze and get back to me" - ffs

Internet is currently still ultra slow but is actually letting me load one website at a time, so hopefully it will let me post this - ffs

At least the lady on the other end of the line was nice and friendly, i imagine it must have been pretty boring for her too - not ffs

Earlier in the week we had to get the car serviced, and it was already 3 months overdue so i was freaking out that i was going to be super expensive, luckily it wasn't - not ffs

Buuuuut, they said the engine might be leaking and if that is the case then at the next service it's going to cost between $500 and $700 to get it completely replaced - ffs

On the way to pick up the car we received an email telling us that the hotel booking we had for June in Melbourne had been cancelled because the booking company we had used had gone into voluntary liquidation - ffs

Also, they would like to move our booking to another random hotel but first they need us to pay them the money we owed for the booking because the booking website had never received it, you know three weeks ago - ffs

So currently we have no hotel booking, no trace of the money which left the account but apparently never arrived at the booking website, and less then 60 days before we have to be in Melbourne - ffs

We are going to Melbourne to attend PAX, a huge gaming convention coming down from America for the first time ever - not FFS

I also spent 10 days waiting for my Illamasqua blush to arrive, from Melbourne, as in, in the same country only one state away. I've had things arrive from England at a faster rate then that - ffs

When it finally arrived, it arrived at my mums house (because i live in a dodgy neighborhood and don't trust them to not go through my mail), first thing mum asked me if she could try it, i said sure, when i got it later that day it had tiny little specks of hair and dirt in it from an uncleaned makeup sponge - ffs

To make myself feel better i went to Priceline to pick up a new lipstick, i wanted something really different from my usual pinks and mauve so i went for the darkest shade i could find, Rimmel's Kate Moss lippy in 04 and awesome dark plum color - not ffs

But when i opened it at home someone had twisted the lipstick all the way up at the store and the top of it was all mushed up - ffs

So that's been my FFS this week, Let's hope this post goes up on Friday, if not then - FFS!

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