Monday, 13 May 2013

Review: Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Hey all, after my disappointment with the L'Oreal BB cream i didn't want to go back to Garnier immediately so i looked around for something new to have a go at and came across the new stand of these and their new illuminators. I was pretty excited about it since it's SPF 30!  

It's a very sheer bb cream but it goes on very easily and you do not need a huge amount to cover your entire face, despite being sheer it's also relatively build able and sits well with powder on top. The everyday result is very smooth and dewy skin which looks very natural. I find that it's not great at controlling oil build up so personally i always use it with a powder but in that respect the oil free Garnier is probably better.

Although I've tried this with stippling brush, sponge and finger application i find using my fingers works best as the other techniques tend to sheer out the already sheer bb cream, plus the warmth in your fingers helps it spread even better.

The consistency is quite light and although it doesn't cover all blemishes,  pores are quite minimized and my face is given a natural and radiant glow. It also smooths out lines and as the name suggests actually is quite good for taking photos. It basically looks natural, bringing out the best in your skins natural beauty. 

Plus as i mentioned at the start it's SPF 30 so if you hate putting on sunscreen on under your makeup (like me) this might be a good choice, it doesn't have any real scent except the very faintest smell of sunscreen but even then i asked my mum to smell it and she didn't notice it so it might just depend how sensitive your nose is, and if that particular scent bothers you.

If it was better at controlling oil then i would happily switch over to this and away from my trusty Garnier but so far no such luck, after i finish this tube though im going to try the bb creams from the new Physicians Formula line.

What's your favorite bb cream?

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