Friday, 17 May 2013

FFS Friday - I hate dealing with Phone/Internet companies

Every Friday i head over to Beautifully Glossy  so read her list of weekly crap/complaints and it's actually...quite relaxing. Makes me feel somewhat better about the crap that goes on in my life, so i thought i would let you guys into my complain fest and hope it makes you feel a bit better. So let's get into it;

So as you might know i recently moved house, when i moved in there was a single missing blind in the bedroom. I sleep on the left side of the bed and I'm attacked by a sunbeam of fire every morning. FFS

I've been trying to get a new set of curtains installed but the walls are not brick so i need a new set of stuff to install the curtain rods, because of course there are only curtains in the living area. FFS

When we moved in, the sink in the bathroom was leaking. Although it's since been fixed the bottom cupboard still smells like mildew. Gross. FFS

In the new place we also can't get cable Internet because of many weird and seemingly pointless reasons so we had to get wireless. FFS

As gamers, this is not optimal. FFS

So we looked around and eventually went with Vivid Wireless since they seemed the cheapest and best for our needs. So we wanted to buy the Home Gateway for $129 as it sends out a wireless signal and connect by cable to a big PC. It was out of stock. FFS

According to the sales person, it had been out of stock at the Good Guys and Dick Smith Electronics and on their own website for months. No idea when it might come back into stock. FFS

But we needed Internet so we were recommended to get the smalled single Internet USB dongle ($49) and a 3G/4G compatible router. Our old router of course was not 3G/4G compatible. FFS

There was none in stock at Good Guys so we had to go to Telstra and pick up theirs where we were told "It should work with the the Vivid Wireless device" okay, so we bought it ($79) and got it home to find that of course it doesn't work.

They said since we opened it, it means we can't return it. FFS

We went down there and argued about it, called a million numbers, got yelled at by the in store staff (Telstra, Joondalup FYI) fun times. FFS

Eventually we got through to their head office and they gave us a reference number for our complain which we took to the store and said that if they can't return it at this juncture then we would have to go to the Telecommunication ombudsman. They gave us store credit. Sort of FFS

So since only my main computer could get online we still needed a way to get the Internet on our phones, ipad and various gaming devices so we though to do the smart thing this time around and call Vivid to ask for a list of compatible 3G/4G routers. They asked us why we hadn't gotten the Home Gateway instead. FFS

We told them, that we had not gotten it because it was out of stock. Turns out it was in stock, they just had not bothered to update their website. FFS

However they let us return the USB dongle, refunded the Internet we had already paid for and sent out the Gateway which arrived the next day. They also gave us a free month of Internet. Not FFS

As soon as we got wireless Internet back we tried to update the Playstation Online network, which we learned was having issues of it's own and not letting updates through properly. FFS

Have been trying to get it to update since last night, still no luck. FFS

So that's my weeks whinge. this was kind of fun so i will try to do this at least every two weeks or so and i encourage you to do so as well. If you do leave a comment below as i love reading these kinds of posts.


  1. Oh my god, the Telstra problems are everywhere! Glad you got decent service from Vivid.

    And I'm so glad you are doing FFS Friday too :)

    1. Hah yeah i don't think i will be going back to Telstra anytime soon. Thanks for the the laughs :)