Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Lush 9-5 Orchid Oil Cleanser

Recently I've been having some issues with my make up removal process; it seemed like it was taking too long and eye makeup specifically wasn't ever disappearing entirely so i would wake up with panda eyes and my FoA budge proof eyeliner still well and truly not budged off. For background i was previously using a combination of Savvy makeup wipes (not bad, not great), Dove Foaming makeup remover and Models Prefer Eye Makeup remover. The wipes and eye makeup remover seemed to be the big culprits, so i went on line in search of something new to try.

I would love to get the Bioderma Makeup Remover as i have tried it before and it is amazing, however it also needs to be ordered online for me and i needed something now. Also i hate to pay shipping unless I'm getting a lot out of it, so i wanted to buy something locally if i could at all help it.

Now my favorite HG cleanser of all time is Lush's Fresh Farmacy and is the product i attribute my much changed and acne free skin to. I used to like scrubs and much rougher and "stingy" products but it turned out this gentle cleansing and calming bar was the answer. I discovered that they had two cleansers which were also makeup removers; 9-5 Orchid Oil Lotion and Ultrabland.

Ultrabland is a thick almost waxy translucent balm that you rub onto your skins and then wipe away with a wt towel or paper but although it had some fantastic look i didn't want anything so heavy on my skin so i looked at the alternative. 9-5 had some very contrasting reviews, and not the iffy kind bu as in complete opposites, everyone seemed to either love it or hate it with venom. Needless to say i was skeptical going in, but Lush has rarely if ever disappointed me, if anything i feel i disappoint them by not having a bath and being unable to use their bathbombs. 

So i thought i would give the product a bit of a test, before leaving the house i covered my hand in a few swipes of makeup that i find hard to remove; my budge proof eyeliner from FoA, a swipe of lipstick from Australis, some blush both powder and cream and a bit of my regular foundation. so despite looking a bit silly i was able to try out in store how it would fare against my regime. It did surprisingly and amazingly well, and on top of that it smelled amazing. If you tried their Ghost shower gel at  Halloween then this is very similar scent, Ghost was technically a Lilly scent but it's still very similar.

To help you make a decision here are some tests i did; first up Illamasquas Cream Blusher after it was rubbed in;

Secondly these are some quite dark/bright lipstick swatches;

For the lipstick i had to rub it back once and then the staining effect from the lipstick disappeared as well.

So since i purchased this i have been using it everyday to remove my makeup after wearing it all day, and after taking swatching pictures and the like. It works very well, requires very little effort on my part and gets rid of almost all my makeup in a single swipe. It does sting just a little if i get it in my eye b accident but that doesn't happen very often. I would be happy to repurchase this and look forward to using it more, the scent really makes it a relaxing and luxurious experience. I think one of the best things about this cleanser is that it makes my skin feel better, as i had used a moisturizer beforehand. I've never had a make up remover that actually seemed to do anything other then get makeup off.

However all the negative reviewed make me thing that you should test this out yourself before purchasing awesome people seem to be quite sensitive to the Orchid oil.

What's you favorite Makeup Remover?

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