Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Brown Eye Liners

Alot of my time online is spent on other Beauty Blogs, most of that time spent in wild jealousy over the stuff they are reviewing, awe at their bravery for showing their faces, or just giggle at their antics and feel better about my own shopping habits. But one blog, without fail makes me try new things, not always wild or crazy just different from my usual humdrum. This is sleep and water, something about is just very relaxing and at the same time convincing. So after reading the post linked above i of course went out and got a whole bunch of brown eyeliners to try, and Essence just happened to have some new ones so they got the brunt of my pencil eyeliner enthusiasm. Plus they were a cheaper test as to weather i like brown eyeliner then other brands.  Though admittedly i did look for the Australis 10 Hour Waterproof Eye Pencil in Bombastic Bronze but no no avail. So let's see what i did pick up;

Essence Stays no matter what in Stunning Brown is one of the new products from Essence after they discontinued a whole bunch of stuff to make some room, and it's very soft, but not too soft. It has the great staying power and is indeed waterproof, so i need to use an oil based or cream cleanser to get rid of it. It's a nice deep and very rich brown that is perfect for transitioning away from black liner.

Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bling Bling also seems relatively new to their stands but i think it predates the big shift, it's a retractable pencil and the color is much more light brown almost to the point of approaching gold. It's much lighter and much softer in application so it can be used for a very subtle look or layered for more of a bang. It's not waterproof and does fade away quite quickly but it is a lovely color.

Well i was going to pick this up anyway, it's Face of Australia's Budge Proof Gel eyeliner which i have discussed before, but had a hell of a time trying to find this color. Every Priceline i went to only had the black, purple and navy shades and most were on quite low stock of those. Finally i found it at Kmart and it was the last bottle! I hope it;s not being discontinued already because it's amazing. I love how easy the brush makes everything, you do have to wash it pretty often for it to stay soft and manageable but for me that's totally worth it as it;s almost idiot-proof. The color is similar to Brilliant Bronze but obviously much more spreadable and without any shimmer.

Models Prefer is not a brand i often look to, but while i was looking through it a few weeks ago to get my paws on the Priceline bag i saw a tester for this amazing liquid liner, it's a gorgeous black/brown/gold packed with shimmer. It glides on like a dream but takes a few moments to dry so you must be careful or it will smudge (and smudge it will, like a glitter bomb went off). But it's amazing color is worth the effort. The lasting time on the actual liner is about 4-6 hours and then it tends to dissolve into beautiful glitter bomb aftermath. 

So it turns out i like brown eyeliners, who knew? What's your favorite liner? Color or brand!


  1. Glad that you've discovered something new and you like it! :) Thank you so much for mentioning me in your post - I'm happy to have inspired you to try out brown eyeliner. Bling Bling looks so pretty, pity the lasting power isn't up to scratch! The FOA gel eyeliner seems like a versatile product that will last you a long time - lucky you managed to track the last one down at Kmart!

    1. No problem, I love your blog way too much :) Over time though the gel liners get a bit dry sadly, but I'm so much more comfortable with brown liners then I used to be :)