Thursday, 9 May 2013

Review: Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm (Winter Edition)

So I'm back :) Happily, though it took longer to sort out Internet then i liked as it turns out new apartment can't get cable Internet so it's mobile Internet for now. My video games don't care for that as much and I'm still trying to figure out how to get a wireless signal on my iPad and such but all in good time.

Today i;m looking at the Essence Winter drinks edition hand "protection balm" or as the rest of the world calls it a "hand cream". There are 3 of these; Apple Cinnamon Punch, Caramel Hot Chocolate and Gingerbread Chai Latte and they are all quite decent and at a price point of $1.95 it's hard not to be okay with it. Each one is 75ml so a decent amount.

I actually bought all three but decided to give one away to mum, but i might go pick it up as it really did smell quite delicious. My favorite by far is the Apple Cinnamon as it smells like an Apple pie to me and the smell isn't overly strong so it's not like i can smell it all the time, but it stays around for a few hours so i do get a nice wiff of it whenever my hands go near my face.

The Caramel Hot Chocolate is one which takes a little while to get going,  when i first put it on it really doesn't smell like anything but really warms up over a few minutes and does smell quite nice, very warm and comforting which is nice with all the rain the past few days.

The Gingerbread Chai Latte is wonderful too but i suspect it's not everyones cup of tea as the gingerbread is quite strong but so is the Chai, so it might be a bit too strong on your nose. I really like these though and i'm very happy Essence brought a little of their skin care to our shores.

As for how they work? Well i have never been huge on hand creams the only one i ever used before was a generic store brand one and only because it was scented like creme brule, but the two top ingredients are water, coconut oil and shea butter so it certainly does a fine job of keeping your hands soft and hydrated but i can't really say about the 24h protection.

I mean, i suppose it's stressful as i put it on 24 hours ago and i still have hands so in that respect i guess it works, but i suspect that's not what they really meant. They smell gorgeous and they make your skin soft, and if you hate it, well it didn't even cost you $2 so just toss it or give it to a friend.

Nice to be back and looking forward to more posts as soon as i figure out how to take better photos here ;)

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