Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Wishlist (or I wish there was an Illmasqua counter here)

Whilst i wait to figure out how best to take photos here is my current wish/lust list.

1. MAC Star Violet Eyeshadow - I've talked about my lust for this eyeshadow and it hasn't changed but I'm still put off by the exorbitant price here and no real way to try lower it as buying from ebay i can't really guarantee if it's legit or not. It's such a lovely plum shimmer and one day it will be mine.

2. Revlon Photoready Cream Blush - I've been walking around this blush since it came out, i always convince myself it's not necessary but its so pretty and I'm developing a love of cream blushes, the only other one i have is an essence one and i would like to see how a somewhat "high end" cream blush is like.

3. Sephora/Pantone Color of the Year Collection - Only recently found out that this is even a thing, but i really love the teal color that was color of the year, and all the makeup looks really fun. It seems like it would make a really cool birthday gift or something (hint hint).

4. Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shampoo -CINNAMON BUNS as a shampoo scent, i don't need to say anymore.

5. Chi Chi Nudes (Naked 1 Dupe) Pallet - It looks like a good dupe and I'm super happy with my Naked 2 but have no desire to spend another $50 on very similar colors, this seems better for my wallet.

6. Illmasqua Hydra Veil - I lust after anything Illmasqua, everything from them always seems super pigmented, gorgeous and really unique. This is the first time i ever lusted after their skincare but it seems very cool, i like primers and haven't really found one that hits the spot yet.

7. Illmasqua Cream Blush (in Dixi or Seduce) - Again Illmasqua and Cream blush lust combine.

8. Illmasqua Liquid Metal Eyeshadow (in Enrapture) - If you have eyes you can see how gorgeous this gold looks, i want it on me now.

9. Illmasqua Nail Varnish (in Mottle, Speckle and Scarce) - Maybe its because the fruity essence edition never came out here. but i kind of feel like these speckly nail polishes and i have a date with destiny.

10. MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque - I love my Maybelline Eye Tattoos but i want to try the original and wow the color on this is to die for, some kind of majestic combination of gold and cream.

11. Not a make up product but a videogame one, I've been playing through Starcraft 2 the past few days and i'm almost done. What am i going to do if this doesn't come out soon! The 3rd and final act is the Legacy of the Void expansion which i just know will drive me crazy till i get it.


  1. I have a heft Illamasqua wishlist myself. Sucks not having a counter near you, doesn't it? My local Inglot counters closed last year as well :(

  2. I caved and bought a cream blush based on other blog reviews but i really wish i could have seen it in real life first :/