Sunday, 19 May 2013

10 Products I Would Repurchase or my Top Ten Favorite Items

So i was recently watching missglamorazzi when I came across this tag and though it sounded like fun. The basic idea is that if a magic fairy (as opposed to a non-magic one) stole all of your make up what would you 10 products would you repurchase. (after the heart palpations stop). So i thought about what my favorites in my stash are and here is the list i came up with:

Can't start to redo my makeup without some sort of foundation and i know i can trust this product, i know it works for me and that it won't fade away, crease or oxidize on my skin.

Lip Products are always a bit of a secondary concern for me so i like something that lasts a lot and won't need a lot of effort or care on my part. Honey is my favorite neutral my lips but better shade.

#3 Lush Liquid Eyeshadow in Sophisticated
Again the easiest and fastest way to put on eyeshadow, one swipe and you have hours of beautiful neutral eyeshadow that can be used on it's own or as a base.

I would not go back to any other blush as the NARS blushes are so fine that they beat any other powder blush out of the park.

For powder eyeshadow i don't think i can think of a single pallet that can been out the Naked pallet. I was skeptical to begin with but it's hard to argue with perfection.

# 6 Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Surprising amount of eye shadows, but my favorite is Bad the the Bronze as it's not too creamy like the the Cream and Pink but not as hard as the Taupe. Again a great by itself product or a base.

I initally though that the caramel would be the one i loved the most but it can be a tad too sweet sometimes so i use this one before bed and in the morning. where as i carry the Caramel in my bag and use when I'm out and around. Lovely relaxing scent.

I talked about these recently and i would highly recommend this, it lasts an age and is amazingly easy to apply. Great for those like me who are terrible at eyeliner.

The best powder i have come across, it's light and seems to disappear on my skin while still holding my makeup in place.

No surprise here, i fell in love hard with this color and i would not happily give it up.

So what 10 products would you repurchase?


  1. I've heard so many good things about the nars blushes lately! Thinking I should get one :)

    1. I tried a whole bunch of copy products before i finally picked one up as a birthday present and i really wish it wasn't so damn good, but at least it lasts a long time. I've been using mine since August and it barely looks touched.

      I suggest go take a look in Mecca and so how they feel, that's what hooked me in.