Monday, 27 May 2013

Review Australis Pout Paste

I'm a little late with this review, in fact the photos have been sitting on my hard drive before i moved but since i recently fell hard into love with the Australis Color Inject lipsticks i thought my first lip product from Australis deserved a little attention since it's really what made me confident enough to try other lip stuff from the brand. I am of course talking about the Australis Pout Paste Intense Lip Colours, and boy are they ever.

Believe it or not this color is the easiest to wear and the most...well not subtle but wearable i guess, the other two colors are a deep berry with slight purple tones and a bright bright my face is on fire red, so really the pink was the option? I don't know, who cares, look at the color payoff?! By the way it's actually called "Pash me Pink". Which is a bit silly but not in any way off putting. I still remember sending my boyfriend into Mecca to buy me "Orgasm". Good Times.

Even though it looks like it would be a tube application, not a huge fan, as you can see it actually comes with a soft and angled doe foot applicator making actually putting this thick yet glossy stuff much easier then it might otherwise be. The formula is super soft and ultra glossy, a little bit on the thick side but as i mentioned the applicator does a decent job of spreading that stuff around. The image below shows how nicely it spreads, no bold patches or bleeding.

I really like wearing this, it's crazy bright but a good kind of bright and really goes along way to brighten up the cold winter days. It leaves a slight stain which i enjoy and usually just use as a reminder to reapply some but being a gloss do not expect it to last through your dinner or drinks. You will however leave behind a Hollywood quality lip stain on your glass. I'm a fan, and i don't usually go in for gloss, but the color pay off sells it for me, and i hope they bring out some more colors.

Have you tried these?

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