Saturday, 1 June 2013

Review: Rimmel & Australis Lipsticks

As i have mentioned i have been taking some efforts to delve into some makeup and hair care that is outside my comfort zone, for lipstick that means darker or brighter colors and for hair care that means more then just shampoo and conditioner. These 3 lipsticks represent my first foray into different types of lip colors. Firstly i'm sorry that the dark purple one is all smushed up, it was like that when i picked it up and i didn't have the heart/energy/time to go back and complain. But seriously who does this?

As you can see i picked up one lipstick from Australis Color Inject line (Foxtrot) and two from Rimmel's Kate line; shade 20 (the one that was on all the advertising) and  and shade 04 both of which are seriously out my and probably most peoples comfort zones. But hell, you only live one. (probably)

See; all the advertising


I fell in love with this lipstick when i first put it on my lips, i bought it despite the in store hand swatch looking dark and scary, and yeah it is kind of dark but it's good sort of dark. It doesn't actually seem as dark in these photos is in person but it falls somewhere between mauve and plum. Plus, and the reason i love this lipstick so hard is how soft and yet amazingly long lasting it is!? I've not really encountered that before, it's usually either moisturizing and disappears if you look at it wrong or terribly drying but won't come of for love or money. My total favorite of the three, i will seriously be going back for more of these, i have my eye on the shade "Can Can" , i even love how hefty the packaging feels, much more comfortably weighty compared to many lipsticks i own.


Shade 20 is It's like the Pout Paste from Australia i reviewed recently but it stays around for quite a while. The color pay off is really something and it does stay for quite a while, especially if you use a lip brush ti apply it because if you use the lipstick itself it does have a tendency to "pull" on your lips and feels a bit dry especially compared to Foxtrot. A very fun color and i enjoy wearing it for something different or when i can't be bothered with more eye makeup then say...mascara.


Uh wow, can you say Gothic or what. It's a fantastic deep purple that on my lips seems to look more plum/burgundy. Not an everyday color for sure, but it makes a lovely stain and seriously a fun shade for parties or Halloween looks.  Another shade that really needs a lip brush to look halfway decent as it tends to bleed and blur around the lip line. Nowhere near as drying as shade 20 and easier to put on but it does move around a little more.

I'm happy with all three but Australis Color Injects will be the ones go back to, i enjoy the formula too much to let it pass by and although the color pay off on the Rimmels is quite amazing i'm not sure it's for everyone.


  1. Great post! I love all the colours on you :) you make me want to try the Color Inject lippies - I'm yet to try any!


    1. Yeah i was iffy for a long long time, but everyone i've talked to (including me) seem to have a really good time with the formula on them. Let me know if you try it :)

  2. Gorgeous shades, especially 'foxtrot' :)