Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Review: Nivea Pure & Natural Regenerating Night Cream

Hey all, hope you had a good easter break. Today coming to you from the new (to Australia) pure and natural range from Nivea is their regenerating night cream. Now I've never used a night cream so i don't have a huge range of judgment here; at this point I'm not sure what does or does not constitute a "good" or "bad" night creme. Instead i will just tell you about my experience with it and let you decide if you want to try it or not.

So for me, and my unexperienced skin i wanted a night creme that was preferably eco friendly, if something is going to be sitting on my face all night i don't want to risk irritation or discomfort, secondly i wanted it to be relatively fast absorbing; i don't want creme all over my bed covers/boyfriend, and lastly i wanted my face to feel "better" when i woke up after using it.

So this product did satisfy all those conditions and so i quite like it, it's super soft and smells very inoffensive, it's mostly the familiar nivea scent just way toned down/ I never even notice it after it's on. I do wish the product had a little more...glide to it, i feel like i have to use a good amount just to get it to cover my face and neck and the jar isn't huge. 

I only use this maybe twice a week or so because it does feel a bit heavy and although my skin feels great it also feel a little...extra oily, but perhaps my skin is just used to lighter moisturizers since as a teen i had pretty acne prone skin. (which has thankfully cleared up now for the most part).

Overall i do like it, but i'm just not sure if i need it yet. It feels nice but it also feels like a lot of work and the heaviness is a bit hard to not notice it; i think i generally prefer my rose-hip oil but i will retry this in the future.

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