Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Why Do I Wear Make-Up Tag

I saw this over at Beautifully Glossy and thought it looked like fun, also I'm moving at the moment so any other type of post has difficulties though i do have a few scheduled posts going up, I'm not sure when i will have Internet access after Saturday. Seemed fun anyways;

1. When did you begin loving make up?

I was never very find of makeup as a teen, it was more of a necessity to cover up acne and so for almost all my life until two years ago makeup consisted of Dove tinted moisturizer, concealer and any old blush i could find. At that point it seemed unnecessary and terribly girly which at that point in my life equated with "stupid and shallow". Happily for me that changed two years when i walked into a LUSH store and then started looking up LUSH reviews which led me to makeup and nail polish blogs and eventually makeup blogs. The whole thing came full circle when LUSH released a makeup line last year.

2. How do you feel without make up?

I'm mostly okay without makeup, but i usually will wear at least some bb cream and a setting powder with a lip color of some kind, just makes me feel more confident and like I've put in some effort for the day. Feel less slob like while at home too.

3. What do you like about make up?

I like that it makes you feel more polished and gives you time to yourself, it's both a creative outlet and in some ways a meditative one. Putting on your makeup is a moment just for yourself where you have time to think about your day, think about the look you want to express that day and what you might face. Do you want to show a professional and neutral face. or a bright and vibrant face with a lot of color. It's a way to focus on your day.

4. List three ‘Holy Grail’ items:

This is soooo easy, I'm very picky about these "HG" items and for the most part it will take a lot of time for a product to become a must have item, as in literally the best of the best, can;t live without sort of item.

My most recommended item of all time is LUSH's Fresh Farmacy , in reality this would be my number one, two and three HG item but just to play along with the tag; the other two would be the Maybelline Eye Tattoos and the Haus of Gloi Satyr Soap.

Fresh Farmacy is an amazing cleanser for combination/oily skin, it's also great as a shaving aid for girls and boys and leaves yout face feeling clean, smooth, calm and beautiful. I would never go back to anything else and even my boyfriend is a complete convert even buying it by himself when we run low.

The Eye Tattoos are hg not because of their colors but because of their adaptability; you can use them on their own as a primer, as a base and the taupe is a great contouring color. They can be used in so many ways and that's why i love them.

Lastly the Haus of Gloi soaps are amazing, and i particularly love it in Satyr, their a luxury soap and a treat to use, they make you feel like you've just spent a lot of money on a very expensive skin care package but really it's just the smoothest, creamiest soap in the world which makes you feel like a million bucks.

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