Saturday, 6 April 2013

New & Upcoming Products

So i feel like i have been seeing quite a bit of new stuff these last few weeks and i thought i would share them with you, if you've tried em let me know!

L'Oreal - They seem to be expanding their Nude Magique Range with a new(ish) bb and cc cream, a bb blush and bb powder. I actually have both the blush and powder and will hopefully get reviews up soon but i;m totally dying to try the bb cream as it my mum's favorite bb cream. So of course when she bought it she gave me her old Garnier oil-free bb cream which i feel like i need to finish before i can buy yet another one.....but it seems really nice from what i have tried, Any thoughts?

Australis - Compared by most bloggers to the OCC lip tars these seem pretty damn pigmented and crazy bright, i'm considering the pink one.

Maybelline - Just recently hitting shelves is the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara, like kinda cool. They are currently running a promotion to win these; enter here

Some new bright colors in the Mabeline lip range; the new ColorSensational Vivids.

Rimmel - Rimmel is now adding matte versions to their Kate Moss lipsticks which were released earlier this yes, they look a bit more wear-abe then their glossy counterparts.

They are also rocking some new "match perfection" foundation.

And a set of (4?) Duochrome metallic nail polishes called "Metal Rush".

Face of Australia - has added some new shades to their lip quenchers line. I've never tried these, but they seem popular.

Nivea - Lip Butters! 

Revlon -  The Colorstay Suede look pretty interesting, i wonder how long the actual product is since the packaging is non standard.


  1. There are so many nice products coming out, so overwhelming! I want to try the Australis Pout Pastes & Maybelline vivid lipsticks, so pretty! Oh and the Nivea lip butters. I haven't tried the FOA Lip quenchers but they look so nice!
    Following you now :)

    1. Thanks, I've tried the lip pouts just over the ;ast few days and their quite a.. showpiece? Super bright but not sticky so their actually good to wear.