Sunday, 21 April 2013

Review L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream

Continuing with our exploration of the L'Oreal Nude Magique line, a terrible mouthful it is I might add. Today we have the BB Cream of this line and I was looking forward to this a lot, my mum loved the hell out of it and swears it's her new HG foundation/bb cream. (Mum and I made the switch from heavy foundation to tinted moisturizers to the new bb creams which are mostly the same thing). Mum would tell me how awesome and amazing this was and all I could say was "but o haven't finished my other two bb creams yet, I can't justify this!"
But circumstance intervened and I got very close to finishing the two I had and gave away one of my backups to a makeup-less friend, the stars aligned and there it was waiting for me, I picked it up, I brought it home, I excitedly washed my face to give it a try, It was really different; when you first open the cap the cream inside is white with tiny grey/blue capsules that pop as you rub them in.

And then....ehh. I wanted so bad to love it, but it turned orange on me! Not just a little orange, a terrible brown-orange that even my best powder could do nothing against. I picked up the lightest shade they had available and it was still orange. A terrible disappointment, I have my eye on the new Revlon bb cream coming out this week but I suspect that the oil-free Garnier will continue to remain my go to face coverage.
I have to say that it is unique, and I know my mum well enough to know this product must work on her for her to praise it so much (she's repurchased it twice already) so if your not albino white or baby pink and have any tan on you at all, it might work for you, it might be your new favorite foundation of all time and you will mock and laugh at us pale girls, I hope so, I wanted to love it.
Giving the bottle to mum tomorrow. Sad face.
Have you tried it, or has a bb cream ever disappointed you so badly?

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