Saturday, 27 April 2013

Review Models Prefer Grand Finale Eye shadow Quad

I purchased this to qualify for the Priceline beauty bag (see post here) and I liked the colors but I wasn't expecting much from it, the only other Models Prefer pallet I have tried was about a year ago and it was terrible and I threw it away, so not high expectations but I was intrigued by the light blue/teal color so I figured why not give it a shot, the company has clearly taken steps in the last 6 months to improve.

This particular piece is called  "grand finale" no caps for some reason? And contains a set of four (hence quad I guess) eyeshadows; I'm not sure if they have individual names but the colors are a yellow/cream, a reddish copper, a light teal and a blurple. A unique and interesting selection but I have to say the colors really stood out to me, particularly the teal.

When I swatched these at home I was pretty damn surprised, each of these is one layer only and you can see that they are damn pigmented, they have a frosty finish but feel very creamy and almost thick to apply.  Having worn the blues and the copper since then I have found that they are indeed pigmented but do have a little fallout, but it seems to all be pigment with little to no filler as it's the farthest thing from chalky.  I'm really pleased with this quad and it makes me less afraid to try other Models Prefer products. Plus at $4.99 it's a total steal.


  1. WOW!!! Love the look of the copper one :)
    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for sharing this bargain!

    1. No problem, the copper and the teal really sold it for me on this one :)