Thursday, 4 April 2013

Essence Products Discontinued & Upcoming Trend Edition

So a little while ago i mentioned that Essence were discontinuing some of their products so i thought it might be useful to spread the message a little so no one is left without a back up of their favorite product;

Image from Essence Au Facebook group

The items which they have stated are going to be discontinued are;

colour & go nailpolish 102 sparkling water lily, 108 ultimate pink, 110 modern romance, 116 gorgeous bling bling, 117 i’m so very, 118 little miss sunrise, 119 boho chic, 121  gold fever, 123 1000 miles away, 124 wanna say hello, 127I Love Bad Boys, 130  whats my name?, 133 oh my glitter!, 139 Walk On The Wild Side, 140  go bold!, 142 grey-to be here.

If you want to see swatches of these click here.

nude glam nailpolish 06
eyeshadow 11 Wild At Heart, 16 Go Glam, 22 blockbuster, 30 Happy Hour, 34 Love That Grey!, 45 Back To Khaki, 51 Absolutely Nature, 52 Olive Garden, 54 Yes Eye Can, 56 Hyped Up, 57 In The Clouds, 59 Copper Island, 60 Kermit Says Hello

If you want to see swatches of these click here.

quattro eyeshadow 01
fix & matte! translucent loose powder
forget it! 3in1 concealer
gel eyeliner 01, 05 and gel eyeliner brush
I love runway highlighter
I love stage eyeshadow base - i know alot of people swear by this one so I'm sad to see it go too
kajal pencil 18
lipstick 40, 50, 59
mattifying compact powder 07
my base-illuminating make-up base and my base-skin perfection make-up base
sun club large bronzing powder 01, 02
smokey eyes set 01, 02
stay all day long lasting eyeshadow 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9
stay with me longlasting lipgloss 09
XXXL shine lipgloss 05

I'm not to bothered since i either already have these products or never used them, besides loosing the eyeshadow primer I'm not personally loosing anything i love but i do know some people really love the makeup bases and lip sticks and lip glosses so i hope if that's you, you go get yourself a spare right now!


So onto happier business, though no date exists yet so far as i can tell, but Essence have said that their Sweet Home collection will be the next one hitting our shores.

Image from Miss Firuz Blog

The edition consists of;

3 Eyeshadow; 01 happy couching, 02 light the fire, place! ,03 my home is my castle.
2 Lipsticks; 01 red-y to relax (red) , 02 berry me home (pink).
1 Gloss; 01 mugs & kisses.
2 Blushes; 1 knits for chicks (pink), 02 wool-d you cuddle me? (apricot)
4 Nail polishes; 01 caramel cheesecake (apricot), 02 red-y to relax (red), 03 hot fruit punch (plum) , 04 berry me home (pink)
1 Set of Nail Stickers; 01 neither swedish nor-wegian.
1 purse; 01 knitted with love.

It's a really nice cuddly theme to be releasing with the on set of winter and i will totally be picking up a few, at the moment i have my eye on the plum nail polish, the apricot blush and maybe the pink or brown eyeshadow, plus the bag. I can use it for my dice, cos I'm a Dungeons and Dragons nerd. The lipsticks are cool but a bit to bright for me so i will pass but swatches of them look pretty bitching, especially the pink one.

So what products are you sad to see go, or alternatively what are you looking forward to?

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