Friday, 19 April 2013

Review L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Blush

This is perhaps one of the most unique products i have seen in a long time, and honestly I'm not sure if i buy into the premise but it's certainly a fun product. Obviously it's not a bb - anything, it's not going to make your skin feel or behave any better. What it will do is give you a very light, very natural blush look that is basically idiot proof.
The product is a clear silicon based pink and transparent gel, you only need the tiniest amount to use, half the size of a pea really to get all you need out of it. It feels incredibly smooth when you apply it and at first appears super bright, like crazy Barbie doll pink kind of bright.

Luckily it mellows out pretty fast, and you need only blend so far as you want it to, the longer you blend the more it disappears until you have almost entirely erased it from your face, It reminds me most closely of the Essence Ballerina Collection soufflé blush, it's similarly smooth and very natural looking. It's not a product that's ever going to make you look like a clown if you go to hard on it and it's not going to oxidize and change color. It feels very smooth and sits pretty well, but probably works better as a blush base if you want it to last all day. By itself it provides maybe 4-6 hours worth of blush time. I would recommend it if your a blush newbie or have a terrible fear of over applying, otherwise it's more of a fun gimmick. I'll probably continue to use it when I want a very low maintenance and low effort look.

Note, I'm moving house today so there will be few scheduled posts going up as I don't know how long it will take to get internet up and running and my new place.
Have you tried anything from this line yet?

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