Saturday, 13 April 2013

100th Post: Review MAC Amber Lights

Hello, welcome to 100th post. Yay. To celebrate a little i though i would review something a little outside my usual price range. I mentioned a little while ago that i was hankering after some MAC eyeshadow and Violet Star will be mine eventually.  This little beauty however is MAC's Amber Lights.

Amber Lights is a a rich, warm-toned coppery bronze with a frost finish and is from MAC's permanent range. Mac calls it a peach tone but it's really much closer to a warm copper/bronze color leaning a little orange. It's quite creamy and very pigmented with very little fallout.

It stayed on relatively well though i think my skin prefers using a primer with eyeshadow otherwise they just slip off, it's not too powdery or chalky, it's really all an eyeshadow should be. I find it works very well as both a lid and crease color and i imagine it would look amazing on darker skin tones. 

For light skinned girls (and guys, i don't judge)  it may be a little hit and miss, if you have pink undertones it should work well and bring out lighter eye colors where as those with yellow undertones might find that it becomes a little too orange on them and bring out any redness in their skin.

I'm quite happy with this eyeshadow and look forward to trying more MAC eyeshadow (if only they weren't so damn expensive). Now that i have the Naked 2  i find I'm pretty set on neutrals and so I'm really more interested in unique shades that can compliment that rather then purchasing another set of neutrals and this fits the bill; it can be neutral if used lightly or it can be a statement shadow.

So thanks to my followers, and here's to a 100 more. :)

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