Sunday, 31 March 2013

Essence Circus Circus Review

Previews here here are some swatches and my thoughts about the items i picked up from Essence's Circus Circus collection. So i got my hands on the Circus Circus collection from Essence, a almost completely untouched stand which when i went back yesterday had been picked clean!

Now i feel like i own a lot of nail polish a the moment so i wasn't to hyped about them, but i have been more focused on eyeshadow and eye makeup in general so i grabbed all the eyeshadow and the sweet looking perfume.

The packaging on these babies is hot! I love the colors, the stripes, the vintage-ness (is that thing?)

Thr Perfume is honestly not great; it's sweet, it's pink and light, but mostly it's inoffensive and pretty. But i love the bottle and after i'm done with it i will reuse it for other perfumes i like or just use it as decoration since it's so darned cute.

I like the cream eyeshadow that Essence offers in their limited editions, they seem much better then their standard collection which i hear is now being discontinued along with a few of the powder eye shadows, the eyeshadow base, some nail polish colors and some lip colors (so if you love those products go grab em before they run off).

I picked up all three eyeshadow on offer and I'm pretty happy with two of them, and the swatch below probably shows why; It's Magic and Raise the Curtain are awesome creamy and smooth and easy to apply, but My Sparkling Acrobat needs a bit of work; it's not very pigmented and is dryer then the other two. It has shimmers in the tub but they don't come across when you swatch it or try it on your eyes. It can do the job but it needs a bit more effort.

It's magic reminds me a lot of the eyeshadow snuffles they had in the Ballerina collection which i loved so hard and really hope they bring back in some form. But overall I'm happy and the packaging is win, though i kinda wish the eyeshadow domes could stack but it's not necessary for my current organization scheme.

So did you pick anything up?

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