Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Review Loreal Nude Magique BB Powder

Finishing of on a brighter note (bb crème, brightener, get it? ) we have the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder and um it's amazing. Thanks for reading, see ya next post.
What you want more then that? Ugh fine, it's super amazing. I'll be adding it to my HG list ASAP, because it fulfills all the needs I have in a powder; not cakey, not to thin, able to work with my foundation and not go oil crazy after a few hours. I'll put this on in the morning and it looks like I'm not wearing anything on my face, it doesn't even look like powder, it just looks like skin, I don't know how or why, I don't want to know, pixie magic or caged leprechauns are fine with me if they produce these results. I don't know how a powder can be a bb powder, it doesn't brighten or make my skin between but it's a magic powder that looks like skin and stays put for 8 hours plus!

It comes in a cute and basic container, I like to use a kabuki brush with it and it works damn fine if I say so myself, I should point out that mum tired this one as well and although she too loves it he finds the light version a little to light on her skin but has no problems with the bb crème so if you can swatch them otherwise remember that the powder is a bit more pale then then the crème.
So wrapping it up the  L'Oreal Nude Magique BB collection is a little hit and miss, the blush is useful for beginners but mostly a gimmick, the crème is good if your tan and terrible if your not, while the powder makes up for all of that by being the amazingest (not a word, don't care) powder ever.