Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Top Six Winter Lipsticks

Now that Winter is beginning to wrap up (in Australia that is) i thought it was a good time to share with you some of my favorite lipsticks that i have been wearing a lot in these colder months, they are great Autumn and Winter shades though i must admit that personally I am drawn to these sorts of colors all year round.

The contenders are (from left to right) NYX Saturn, Revlon Liptember Berry, Australis Go Long Glam, Illamasqua Growl, Australis Color Inject in Foxtrot, and the Australis Color Inject in Boogie Woogie. As you can see the NYX Saturn has probably gotten the most use

all of them have nice packaging though my two favorites would have to be the Illamasqua (it's luxe) and the Color Injects; both of these feel a bit heavier so i feel like I'm getting my money's worth and i believe that they are the most attractive of the bunch.


I've tried about three of the NYX round lipsticks and i have to say that Saturn has to rank in my favorite NYX lipsticks, but would also be in the top three favorite lipsticks of all time. It's a great shimmery golden berry color. It's clearly not a particularly dark shade but it gives a lot of dimension to the lips and is great in warmer weather too. Lasts a good 4 hours if i don't eat or drink.



I initially bought this in mid-August to support the cause, as such i haven't had it as long as the others and it hasn't seen as much use. Having said that i picked it up because the shimmer effect reminded me a lot of the same shimmer i can see Saturn although in this case it's a much deeper red/plum color. It's a little more dry then Saturn but because of that it has better staying power and with a little effort lasts up to 4 hours.



I choose to pick up Glam after trying the Color Injects from Australis and being very pleased with the results, this color seemed to look great on every blog i saw and it called to me. It's a matte warm toned berry that is indeed quite long lasting, it is however quite dry on the lips so you will want to exfoliate before using this. That said it's not as bad as some matte lipsticks i have tried as it doesn't pull on your lips quite as much. Lasts around 6 hours but is a bit drying. I have also noticed that it can stain your lips sometimes.



This one looks much scarier in the tube then on the lips, it's actually nowhere near as dark as it first appears to be, it is a bit dry being a matte shade but not as much as Glam. I find it's best to apply this one with a lip brush to get the best coverage otherwise it tends to stick to dry parts of your lips and not cover very evenly. Lasts a good 7+ hours.



It was a long time before i tried any lip shades from Australis but boy am i glad i did, they are incredibly smooth and nourishing and feel so amazing on the lips i feel like I'm using a lip butter not a lipstick, they have good staying power and don't stain at all. The only downside i can think of is the smell is a very old school lipstick scent which. Foxtrot is my absolute favorite color. It's similar to my all time (now discontinued) Lancome Color Fever in Rose Defile. It's a brown leaning mauve but it has pink undertones that your lips don't look dead or too dark for a normal day out. Love! It might not last as long as the matte colors but it looks more natural, I've has this last around 4-5 hours.



After my successful foray into the Color Inject line with Foxtrot i could hardly stop there and picked up Boogie Woogie as a more pink but still mauve tones lipstick to wear to work as if i had darker eyshadows on then Foxtrot tended to look much darker against my skin tone then usual. Boogie Woogie is just as amazing and has the same qualities as Foxtrot, but all in all i like the color of Foxtrot better. This however is a great pink and a good work color.

These were taken a little later in the day so they are a little bit darker then the lip swatches and you can't see the shimmer in Saturn or Liptember Berry, they do however give you a good idea of the consistency with Foxtrot and Boogie Woogie being particularly creamy and moisturizing.

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