Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: The Body Shop Lily Cole Illuminating Beads

If you know what to do with them then highlighters can be great products as they can add a healthy shine and glow to your face. It's been about a year since these came out at the Body Shop and i remember lusting for these back then however at a $44 price tag i wasn't about to grab them. However about a month ago my local Body Shop was having a clearance sale on some of their makeup items and i was able to grab this baby for $14! I thought that was amazing especially since i was looking for the Face of Australia illuminating pearls at the time but they were pretty much gone.

The pearls are housed in a round shaped tub, the product comes with a fluffy pink puff to dust on the illuminating powder, the pearls are much more warm toned then the Face of Australia ones as well as the famous Guerlain Météorites Powder. The color combination here is cream, gold and pink pearls where the Météorites have green and blue shimmer pearls. It looks quite nice and the overall color on me is a light pink shimmer. 

The brush is best for the neck and chest because it's way too big to use in your face with any sort of efficiency, in fact i find it quite difficult to use as due to it's size the little pearls often end up rolling out of the container, overall and most commonly I use the duo-fiber contour brush as it's sparse enough to not pick up too much product and doesn't roll the pearls out.

Overall I like the product but it takes a little effort to use and most days i find i can't be bothered, it's more of a product that I use on special occasions or when i notice it on my desk and see how cute it is. How do you like using highlighters?

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